Missing in Kyiv on 16-year-old student was found after TSN

Missing in Kyiv on 16-year-old student was found after TSN



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The girl captors landed near the water Park and ran away.

The disappearance of 16-year-old Victoria in Kiev was a kidnapping. This she told the girl after she was released men who held her by force within three days, according to a story TSN.19:30.

The student went missing Monday afternoon, and on Wednesday, the evening news told about it to the whole country. An hour later the girl called the family – she was released by the kidnappers. “Well, they’re on TV, must have seen. I think because of this little move. Juvenile’s” – suggest in the family.

Video surveillance of public transport in Kyiv, unknown men abducted a 16-year-old girl

Disappeared and was found after the broadcast of TSN. 16-year-old Victoria came home after three days absence. According to the victim, at the underground station “Hydropark” it was brought by unidentified men. The girl was waiting for a bus at the bus stop when a car drove up. She jumped out of the men and shoved her inside. What happened the next three days – the girl remembers.

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:45

First Victoria generally had little to say, and more crying. “I’m the tenth time, realised that the underground station “Hydropark” – said the mother. The girl told her mother that it brought men who grabbed her three days ago. “Honestly, I don’t remember what they said. Some club, there was music playing, lots of smoke,” said the victim. Her mother learned from her daughter that she was waiting at the bus stop transport when the next car stopped, she jumped out of the men threw the girl something on his head and pushed into the car. “Some kind of napkin says, slipped and passed out,” said the mother.

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In Kharkiv 17-year-old girl faked her own kidnapping to demand mother for a ransom of 100 thousand UAH

Ahead of the girl health checks and communication with the police. Mother, that the whole country has statedthat they will refuse a claim if she returned the child alive, is going to keep his word and not to write any statements. The girl in question if she wants to punish the offenders, said: “I Want to forget.” But if medics prove the fact of abuse of a minor, the intentions of moms and girls don’t matter – this is too serious a crime. If not, a missing-persons case will be closed. The Vic plans to return to College and shut up all their passes so they can leave on a vacation home in the Zhytomyr region.

The TSN correspondent Olga Neskorozhana

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