Residents of Pivdenne who go for the products in Gorlovka, in the “DNR” can go to jail for 4 years for violating the “border”

Residents of Pivdenne who go for the products in Gorlovka, in the “DNR” can go to jail for 4 years for violating the “border”

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The war in the East

Today, 02:26

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People run away from the front line deep into the Ukraine, because to stay under the fire of the rebels dangerous.

Residents of Pivdenne, Donetsk region, continue to save your things almost under the fire of fighters. Day presence of the OSCE mission people have used in order to get to a safe distance of their relatives, according to a story TSN.19:30.

“In a rented apartment in Toreck. On the Ukrainian side, of course, we are Ukrainians”, – says the woman who came to old mom. 80-year-old Claudia is crying because she burned down a barn, broke fragments of other buildings, and she must now leave home, in which lived his entire life. “People ran out naked as the house was burning. Run, who where. What we are firing what we have done?” – she complains.

Videotitle of Pivdenne village, leaving a narrow corridor in the crosshairs of the militants

In Pivdenne, Donetsk oblast, people are selected from the destroyed village and on the hill stand and the export of their goods. Someone- bee hives, some clothing, and livestock. A narrow corridor in the crosshairs of the militants, the people leave their Homeland. For how long nobody knows.

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:22

The sound of gunfire in Pivdenne was quiet for a few hours while in the village worked the OSCE observation mission. Ukrainian military took advantage of a pause and unloaded supplies for the local, because the nearest store is necessary to go 8 km walk or an illegal move in occupied Gorlovka. Local sometimes do so at your own risk, because the terrorists “DNR” consider it a crime. “Illegal border crossing, and the adjacent street – Horlivka. If desired, this 15 day of first term. The second time is already four years”, – explained the local.

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“There will be a mash-up of” militants warned local residents about their intentions regarding the Pivdenne

CSKA are confident that after the completion of the international observers hostilities resumed because the Pro-Russian forces too active in the last days behaved in this direction. The head of the OSCE mission Alexander hug says that his organization is ready to support the renovations, but from the “DNR” there are no guarantees of safety and promises to cease fire, so the restoration of peaceful life in Pivdenne it is not.

The correspondent TSN Alla Hotsyanovskaya

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