National Bank has simplified the foreign money transfers

National Bank has simplified the foreign money transfers

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Bank customers will be able to submit electronic copies of supporting documents.

National Bank has simplified the rules that govern money transfers by individuals from abroad and outside Ukraine.

“The national Bank of Ukraine creates opportunities for the application of paperless technologies in the financial services market and expands the circle of market participants, at the box office which may be issued transfer from abroad”, – said the press service of the regulator.

In particular, banks and their clients (physical persons-residents) can now use modern communication technology Paperless during translation of foreign currency. So, Bank customers can submit electronic copies of supporting documents for the implementation of foreign currency transfers outside Ukraine from current accounts in foreign currency. And banks can create electronic copies of supporting documents to be filed by physical persons for transfer in paper form, for further storage.

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Also individuals can use international payment systems to initiate in local currency transfers in foreign currency outside of Ukraine, and also by the decision of the sender initiated from abroad in foreign currency, to such a transfer in Ukraine in national currency (i.e. in currencies other than the currency of its initiation).

The changes came into force on 12 June.

Video July 1, the national Bank will no longer mint pennies small denominations

Instead, power is used to make new coins in denominations of 5 and 10 hryvnias. But Ukrainians innovations NBU is very excited, because the new metallic coins in denominations of 1 and 2 hryvnia, which only began to appear in circulation, was uncomfortable and often confused with a penny. The NBU explained that the metal torque and two in the manufacture is much cheaper than the old printing Golden hryvnia banknotes of the same denomination, and will serve 20 years. The paper is worn for 1.5 years.

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