In Kiev at the weekend withdrew the permission to swim at the beach

In Kiev at the weekend withdrew the permission to swim at the beach



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To go into the water is not banned, but not recommended.

Weather conditions of recent days have led to the change of status permit swimming at municipal beaches in the capital. As reported in the municipal enterprise “Pleso”, the flags on all beaches change from green to yellow.

This means that swimming is not recommended. “This warning is temporary, due to heavy rains and remains valid for 48 hours after rainfall,” said the holders of the beaches.

Videoprice final conclusions of experts, vacationers have already opened the beach season

Temperature hits record. Summer weather, despite the date on the calendar, prevails in Ukraine. The official beach season has not yet opened, but the rest do not adhere to the rules on waters already swimming, sunbathing. This is contrary to the final conclusions of experts.

TSN. Wounds

May 29, 10:08

In the “Pleso” say that the status of the open beaches for tourists is determined by the results of analyses of water samples. The color of the check boxes reflects the traffic signals: green flag – swimming is permitted, yellow – swimming is not recommended, red – not to swim. “To protect the health of citizens and prevent the spread of infectious diseases we recommend to refrain from swimming until a stable improvement of weather conditions,” suggest the utility.

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They also note that swimming in reservoirs after heavy rains is unwanted and with no flags. These recommendations are the practice of all civilized countries, noted in the “Pleso”. There are also advised to monitor the latest information about Kiev beaches on its web site.

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