“A good investment”: how Yanukovich bought the former European Prime Ministers and chancellors – DW

“A good investment”: how Yanukovich bought the former European Prime Ministers and chancellors – DW

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The case of Manafort sheds light on how did the ex-President to lobby for their interests.

The Victor Yanukovych’s environment through offshore paid around two million euros in lobbying services senior European ex-politicians. It follows from the documents of the investigation in the U.S., which has DW.

“He said he was ready to do it for the money comparable to his annual salary (about 30 thousand euros per month). Even if we manage to get it for 25 thousand a month, this would mean that, if you hire it from July until December, it will cost 150 thousand euros. I think this is a very good investment” – in the letter to the Floor Manafort, a former adviser to Viktor Yanukovych, his unnamed employee recounts the details of the conversation with the former Chancellor of Austria Alfred Gusenbauer.

This letter is one of hundreds of documents seized during the investigation against Paul Manafort, which spectracolor USA Robert Mueller accused of money laundering and illegal lobbying. These documents were recently declassified, they can be found in a closed database of judicial documents of the United States. These letters, as well as the final indictment against Paul Manafort and his minions are in a DW.

Videoex, chief of staff of the trump PR and Yanukovych by Paul Manafort will stand trial for six months

The first hearing on his case is scheduled for September 17. Manafort investigating the Russian influence on the election of the American President. However, the charges against him are not through the relationship with the Kremlin. Former chief of staff trump is accused of laundering more than $ 30 million, illegal lobbying of the Pro-Kremlin Yanukovych and his ammo and tax evasion. Manafort pleaded not guilty.

TSN. Wounds

1 Mar, 09:39

Two million euros ex-Prime Ministers and chancellors

A significant portion of the episodes of the charges paid for through offshore ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and his entourage, the lobbying activities of a number of former senior European politicians joined in an informal “Habsburg group.” Leader of a secret Yanukovych’s lobbyists Alfred Gusenbauer.

The group also included former Prime Minister of Italy Romano Prodi and, obviously, ex-President of Poland Aleksander Kwasniewski. Court documents and correspondence available to the judicial database of the United States, partially anonymized. If the identification Gusenbauer and Prodi, given the circumstances of the case and referred to in the documents office, no doubt, it is likely the role Kwasniewski should only indirectly. In particular, that the documents referred to “the representative of the head of the European Parliament on Tymoshenko case”. As you know, in the case of Tymoshenko mediating role has been delegated by the European Parliament Peta Cox and Kwasniewski.

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Manafort could bribe the ex-Chancellor of Austria to lobby for the interests of the Yanukovych government

Gusenbauer in an interview with the Austrian newspaper Die Presse has confirmed receipt of funds for participation in conferences, though, and claims that less than that indicated in the documents of the investigation. “The money was transferred once a year or every six months, if I remember correctly. Definitely not monthly paid. These funds are listed in my tax Declaration”, – said the former Chancellor.

As follows from the indictment and correspondence between team members Paul Manafort and members of the “Habsburg group”, European ex-politicians spoke at panel discussions in an authoritative expert centers in Europe and USA written under the dictation of advisers of Yanukovych’s speeches, and also published in leading publications original articles, written by consultants to the former Ukrainian President or the Ukrainian foreign Ministry.

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Yanukovych told about his relationship with ex-Advisor to trump and his political strategist Paul Manafort

The main message of speeches and articles: the signing of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU should be held, despite the imprisonment of opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko and other problems with democracy in Ukraine, or Kiev would be in the arms of Moscow. For lobbying the Ukrainian authorities and the Party of regions in Brussels also established the “European center of modern Ukraine”. According to the American investigation, the activities of this Foundation also secretly coordinated by Paul Manafort and was paid through offshore.

Two million “VIP-s” and four “Tymoshenko”

According to the correspondence of Manafort with colleagues, the fees of other members of the “Habsburg group” was supposed to be about 100 thousand Euro in four months. All funds come through dozens of offshore companies. In General, paid authors and speakers, according to U.S. investigators, spent about two million euros. The group hired a senior ex-politicians Manafort presented to its Ukrainian customers as the “project Super-VIP”.

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US against Manafort. The court took custody of a lawyer in case of arrest of Tymoshenko and son of the founder of “Alfa-Bank”

In addition to speeches and articles hired lobbyists were to meet with the relevant officials in Brussels and Washington. In particular, lobotsky efforts in the U.S. were treated to convince members of Congress that the elections in Ukraine were “legitimate”, and the imprisonment of opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko is legitimate.

Another four million euros, according to the investigation, was spent on services the American detectives, who prepared the report, which was to prove the international community that allegedly Yulia Tymoshenko’s detention was reasonable and lawful. Another million was retold PR company, which was to popularize this report in the world media.

Millions on luxury Manafort

By Paul Manafort between 2006 and 2015 received tens of millions of dollars for lobbying the interests of the Party of regions and the Opposition bloc, said in the indictment. Payments from Ukrainian customers American lobbyist concealed from the authorities making the flow of funds in the form of loans from dozens of offshore companies. In General, through controlled Monforton an offshore company were held at least $ 75 million, say us investigators. 30 million are in the case on charges of money laundering. Accused of Manafort, who was responsible for the work in Kiev is Konstantin kilimnik.

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The U.S. Supreme court sent Manafort in jail

As evidence for the prosecution Paul Manafort in money laundering and illegal lobbying activities in case are hundreds of transfers of funds from the accounts of Cypriot companies for a total amount of $ 12 million that has been spent on providing a luxurious lifestyle, including construction of villas and expensive clothes. Several million, according to the investigation, Manafort used to purchase real estate.

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