In Ukraine, lack of domestic fat, as prices differ in two times

In Ukraine, lack of domestic fat, as prices differ in two times



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The most of import of fat were brought from Poland and Germany.

Ukraine does not have enough fat. Its imports rose by half compared with last year. Fat already brought in $ 14 million. And most of all from Poland and Germany.

This is stated in the plot program “snidanok z “1+1”.

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Index of dumpling. Among the ingredients most grew potatoes and onions, and the fat fell

Since the beginning of the year, bacon increased in price by 6.5%. The most expensive sell it in Kiev – 104 hryvnia per kilogram. And the cheapest – in the Ternopil and Volyn regions – 48 UAH.

Videotop 5 most useful dishes of Ukrainian cuisine

Fifth place – dumplings with cherries. For anyone who wants to lose weight, it is recommended to eat this dish. But the dumplings were useful,they have to be from flour of durum wheat. Four – cheese pancakes with sour cream. They will help you have the perfect hair, teeth, nails and skin. Third place – jelly. It is very useful for joints, respiratory tract and lungs. Number two – the star of Ukrainian cuisine – borscht. He is the source of vitamins and minerals. And finally in first place – fresh, chilled fat. Yes, it contains saturated fats, necessary for immunity and a healthy nervous system.

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