Russia may carry out another exchange of hostages to improve the image during the 2018 world Cup – Klimkin

Russia may carry out another exchange of hostages to improve the image during the 2018 world Cup – Klimkin



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However, according to the Ukrainian diplomat, all Russia is still not released.

Russia may agree to another exchange of hostages during world Cup soccer to create a positive image of the country.

About it in interview to “5 channel” said the head of Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin.

However, to expect a speedy release of all Ukrainian hostages is not worth it.

“Gesture, but the gesture of goodwill and to improve Russia’s image during the world Cup. The League needs to use, but must continue to work”, – said Klimkin.

“We understand that in the coming days and weeks still all Russia will not be released, and will continue to use them as a means of pressure,” added the Minister.

According to the Ukrainian diplomat, during the meeting of foreign Ministers of “Norman Quartet” the issue of political prisoners was discussed for over an hour.

Videopropulsion demands the immediate release of the 70 hostages of the Kremlin

The immediate release of Oleg Sentsov and other Ukrainian prisoners of Kremlin demand in the European Parliament. There was a resolution which mentioned the names of 70 Ukrainians who are in Russian prisons. The vast majority of speakers called for a boycott of the world Cup and compared the current situation with political prisoners in Russia from the times of Stalin and the Gulag. Ukrainian political prisoners and massive violations of human rights were discussed and the German MPs. They, along with colleagues from the European Parliament’s demand to boycott the world Cup.

TSN. Wounds

15 Jun, 08:56

“It was the first serious conversation… what have the representatives of France and Germany really helped and together pressed, and in the end, Lavrov (Russian foreign Minister – ed.) said, “OK, I understand that this issue is not political, but humanitarian.” I said, “we Have 23 Russian citizen. You destiny is in principle interested, tell me in the presence of our partners? We can agree on the next steps, Denisova (Ukrainian Ombudsman – ed) will all be attending?”. … At least, it was like a discussion,” said Klimkin.

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65 released from captivity of militants of the hostages appealed for monetary help in 100 thousand hryvnias

Recall that during the meeting of foreign Ministers of the countries “Norman Quartet” on June 11 in Berlin, the parties first raised the issue of releasing Ukrainian political prisoners held in Russian prisons. In addition, negotiators discussed UN peacekeeping mission in the Donbas.

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