“What is it like to pass a law that after December will be in may”: the deputies made fun of “sexy” bill Barns

“What is it like to pass a law that after December will be in may”: the deputies made fun of “sexy” bill Barns



Yesterday, 21:55

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Politicians do not believe that Parliament could seriously consider such an initiative.

MP Oleg Barna introduced to the Verkhovna Rada a billthat proposes to fine for any manifestation of sexual orientation. Inspired deputies at the legislative initiative of the current pride, and equality, he decided to limit the sexual behavior of people of traditional orientation, according to a story TSN.19:30.

But in less than 5 minutes in the session hall of the Deputy Barna would have to fine himself. After greeting the men by the hand, he willfully tried to kiss a colleague Oksana Prodan, but she evaded the mouth of the advocate of morality. How to determine whether the actions of a person’s sexual innuendo, Barna, as the author of “sexy” of the bill, yet, but I’m sure a mechanism can be developed. “Don’t confuse friendly relationships with the manifestations of love, hidden from the public jumps on the street. Here’s how one deputatsha wrote that the handle to hold on to. No, they say, as the handle goes – it will not. But when you’re publicly publicly jumping on her husband or his – it would be considered an administrative violation,” – he explained.

Videosdeputas Oleg Barna proposes to fine for acts of sexual orientation

Inspired MP Barna legislative initiative pride for the rights of gays and lesbians. But for equality, he decided to limit the sexual behavior of people of traditional orientation. Will there be fine for the relationships later in the story.

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 19:55

Is it appropriate to hold on hand a pair of gays or lesbians – to question can not, because the author prefers to stop the discussion. But his colleague Sergey Leshchenko, analyzing the document came to the conclusion that it could be repeatedly fined. “Of course, my wife and I post our photos to social networks. Lovingly looking at each other,” he said. And yet, as several of his fellow deputies, he was a regular participant in the marches for the rights of the LGBT community. “The best cure for populism is ignore. This law has no prospects for adoption. It’s like taking a law that after December will be in may,” – said Leshchenko.

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June 17, 11:17

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To consider the draft law on sexual behaviour the first is the Committee on freedom of speech and information. “First there was shock. I could not believe my own eyes that a man could write. Then there is an understanding that there is an attempt to flirt with the electorate before the election. I think it will be a very fun discussion. Because our Committee traditionally considers, what is erotica, what is pornography, where is the line between these concepts. It doesn’t make sense, because neither the Committee nor the hall will not support it”, – believes the Chairman of the Committee on freedom of speech Victoria syumar.

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Oleg Barna in Parliament is still the most memorable act against the former Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk – sexual in form and political in content. During the report he gave him flowers and grabbed for the intimate area. Later explained that it’s nothing personal it was not only politics.

The TSN correspondent Olga Koshelenko

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