Where given a bonus of 3000 UAH for registration of the Deposit


Where given a bonus of 3000 UAH for registration of the Deposit


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Deposits — almost the only investment option available now for ordinary Ukrainians.

Alas, it brings less income last year and a half, banks have gradually reduced interest rates on deposits. But the website of the Ministry of Finance knows how to make you Deposit more.

The banks have accumulated too much money. They lend little, therefore, to overpay for deposits of citizens it makes no sense. Because of this, rates on deposits fell for a long time. According to the NBU, at the end of last year, the profitability of savings in the national currency reached a five-year low, deposits in foreign currency — was the lowest in the history of Ukrainian market.

Current rates on deposits in the best case do not allow inflation to “eat” savings. Banks pay annual contribution in the hryvnia average of 14.28%. But the resulting amount of interest still need to pay tax on income of natural persons, and military training (18% and 1.5%, respectively). So the investor is quite a bit. Especially considering that inflation in April in annual terms had reached 13.1 percent.

In this situation, even +1-2% play a significant role. The website of the Ministry of Finance is aware of this and help investors earn more.

How does the “Deposit Bonus”

In 2014, on the website of the Ministry of Finance zapusteni unusual program for Ukraine — “Deposit Bonus”. Its essence is simple: through the website minfin.com.ua customers can apply for a contribution to one of the banks participating in the program. For this Website, the Ministry of Finance guarantees the premium to the Deposit interest ranging from 0.75% to 2% per annum.

Banks pay the Ministry of Finance website for attracting customers. Part of the money the shares with investors by paying them a bonus. For example, only last year it paid 1.6 million bonus, but only for the duration of the program — UAH 6 million.

In this scheme, cooperation benefits everyone. Banks are increasing Deposit portfolio, investors get higher yields on deposits, the Ministry of Finance website earns a profit.

How to make a promotional contribution

The scheme is simple. You need to choose the Deposit of one of banks-participants of the program “Deposit Bonus”. Then you should request a minfin.com.ua.

After making the Deposit you must inform the contact center of the Ministry of Finance website. Within 32 days after this, the investor will receive the bonus “live” money at the expense of any Ukrainian Bank.

How much can you earn

The bonus amount differs from Bank to Bank. For example, to Deposit to the Bank Forward 200 000 UAH for 12 months, you can receive a bonus of 1.5% per annum from the Ministry of Finance, that is 3000 UAH.

This is a pretty impressive bonus if you consider that any effort to obtain money to make do not need. The depositor’s money is well protected. All deposits up to 200 000 UAH — guaranteed by the state.

The program “Deposit Bonus” involved 7 banks: Alliance Bank, Universal Bank, Forward, Concord, OTP, globe Bank, crystal Bank.

Read more about the bonuses — on the web:

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