Near Kiev found a rare large grey parrot

Near Kiev found a rare large grey parrot



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Now looking for the owner of exotic birds.

In New Bezradichi thirty kilometres from Kiev, found a large species of parrot of zhako. These usually cost from 25 thousand hryvnias, according to a story TSN.19:30.

The bird made friends with his Savior, sits on his shoulder, but doesn’t use any names that could help in finding the owner. Vladimir remembers that he noticed a parrot on the sink in the garden. “Right here sat, and I decided to shoot it on a camera phone,” said the man. He came closer, and the parrot suddenly moved from the branch on his shoulder. Among the neighbors of the owner of the parrot was not, therefore, find had to temporarily settle at home. In social networks, put up a notice and Internet than you can feed Jacko.

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The bird is affectionate, does not bite and do not litter, runs only on the expansion of the Vladimir newspaper. The parrot has a number on the ring on the paw, and the family will return the bird to those who, this number will be called. This condition, so as not to stumble on the Scam, because this bird is not cheap. To call the owners of the parrot are: +38 063 739 37 03 (Bogdan).

The TSN correspondent Natalia Goncharova

Videopopular stray. Owners of exotic birds looking for in Novi bezradychi near Kiev

In New Bezradichi thirty kilometers from Kiev found a large parrot, the size of a human head. These generally cost between twenty-five thousand. Now looking for the owner.

TSN. 19:30

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