In Japan, the punished civil servant, who went to lunch three minutes early

In Japan, the punished civil servant, who went to lunch three minutes early


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The leadership Bureau held a press conference and apologized for his employee.

In Japan, the civil servant was punished because he left his workplace three minutes before the lunch break.

About it reports The Guardian.

64-year-old employee of the Bureau of water works in the city of Kobe was fined and discharged him with a reprimand after it was revealed that he went to lunch three minutes early 26 times within seven months.

The top management of the Bureau convened a televised press conference, where he described the behavior of his subordinate “deeply pathetic” and bowed with an apology. The Bureau noted that the employee has violated the civil service law, which requires officers “to focus on their work.”

“Intruder” was found by his colleague who saw from the window of his office as he goes into a nearby café before time. Senior management has calculated how much time the employee spent at a distance from your Desk to the cafe, and sought him half a day’s pay.

The employee, who is not named, said that he left the office early to buy lunch because he needed a “change of pace”.

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