Ex-Minister Klymenko learn how to make money in Youtube have Dude

Ex-Minister Klymenko learn how to make money in Youtube have Dude

A screenshot of the video edition Meduza © Meduza


June 26, 11:10

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Official-the fugitive visited professional conference in Moscow.

Former Minister of revenues and duties of Ukraine Alexander Klimenko in Moscow, he studied the means of increasing popularity on the Internet. TSN.ia noticed it on video with a professional conference online publication Meduza, which took place in early June in the capital of Russia.

Official-a fugitive was present in the hall during a performance of the popular videoblogger-interviewer Yuri Dude on the topic of earnings on Youtube. The conference overall was devoted to methods of promotion and monetization of content of Internet resources of various types.

A screenshot of the video edition Meduza

Note that the ex-Minister has his own Youtube channel, though new videos are not added for more than six months. And very popular his channel is not used. Judging by the video, Klimenko does not leave hopes to return to Ukraine – actively commented on the political situation and announced his return. In addition, the head of the party “uspishna Kraina” which is officially registered in the Ministry of justice, true leadership, according to official documents, are completely different people.

A screenshot of the video edition Meduza

We will remind, the former Minister of income and fees Alexander Klimenko, together with other members of the “family” Yanukovych, is under sanctions from the European Union in 2014 due to the investigations that it carried out in Ukraine.

However, after escaping to Russia Klimenko continued to prosper in Ukraine, yet his property was not seized. Key structure of the Empire Klimenko is a group of companies “unison” and the Bank with the same name. Assets that remained in the group “unison” was arrested. It was also blocked by 5 billion U.S. dollars. This Bank was related to the insolvent in April 2016, but because of courts the process of liquidating the institution was delayed. 19 June “unison” has been eliminated, and in a few days , investors have begun to return funds.

Videohowto, Minister of the fugitive Alexander Klimenko put on an electronic trading

TSN. 19:30

3 November 2017, 20:00

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