A former militant, “LC” tried to do a passport to go to work in Poland

A former militant, “LC” tried to do a passport to go to work in Poland

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The war in the East

30 Jun, 09:33

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The man was detained on the territory controlled by Ukraine.

On the territory controlled by Ukraine Lugansk region, caught the 37-year-old resident of Donetsk, who was trying to get to Kharkov for registration of the passport. About it reports a press-service of national police of the Luhansk region.

Told the detainee, in may 2015, he was forced to go into the service of the insurgents, because in the occupied Donetsk, he tried to “squeeze” housing.

“He has served 6 months of a radio-telephone operator in the company of an illegal armed formation of the so-called “LNR” in the city of Alchevsk and quit on their own. The dismissal from the ranks of the militants, a man explains that his wife at this time was to have a baby, and he is aware of the consequences of his stay in the IAF, decided to leave, while their division participated in combat and his conscience has no human blood”, – is spoken in the message.

After his discharge, he returned to Donetsk and worked as a taxi driver, but money is not enough. So he decided to go to Ukraine-controlled territory and to make a passport to go to work in Poland.

“I repent and hope for leniency of the court,” – said the detainee militiamen.

Man with the detainee investigative actions are carried out within open criminal proceedings under article 260 of the criminal code “Creation of illegal paramilitary forces or armed groups”.

Recall that in the past days, the militants of illegal armed groups “DNR” and “LNR” in the Donbass 34 times fired at the strongholds of Ukrainian troops. Two Ukrainian soldiers were injured.

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