Before “bread truce” invaders powerfully fired on the positions of Marines near Hnutove

Before “bread truce” invaders powerfully fired on the positions of Marines near Hnutove

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The war in the East

1 Jul, 00:44

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From the standpoint of the terrorists worked tank.

The so-called “bread peace” in the East could begin on 1 July. About the readiness to respect the silence for the harvest he said at the headquarters of the United forces and the militants also did not seem to mind, says the story TSN.19:30.

But on the last day of June, the enemy continued to shoot at the military and the civilian population – in particular, guns with the mortars hit in the side of Gnutovo. The nature of the breaks was like 122-mm tank shells. The soldiers say that the enemy is on the sea of Azov now has exactly and closely. Soldiers say that morning luck was on their side – one of the shells exploded nearby, and shrapnel flew into the dugout. But no one was hurt.

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The work of the checkpoint “Hnutove” was resumed after the fire fighters

The military did not hide the fact that their service is hard, but has a higher purpose. “I don’t want children to know that people knew all the horror that we sometimes suffer here,” they say.

The correspondent TSN Alexander Motor

Videoitalia at the front, near Mariupol, the enemy does not stop massive attacks

Of all calibres and evening, and at dawn, and sometimes just in broad daylight, Russian occupants do not stop attacking the sea of Azov. The other day, only a miracle saved civil between Pavlopol and Hnutove, when a few heavy shells exploded far in the rear. Today, as the sun rose, at the fortifications of our Marines began again to shoot another enemy tank.

TSN. 19:30

30 Jun, 20:23

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