A Grand evening of music in Kiev: St. Sophia square, singing and playing the master of “La Scala”

A Grand evening of music in Kiev: St. Sophia square, singing and playing the master of “La Scala”



1 Jul, 21:49

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Together with them the chorus and orchestra of the national Opera.

This evening on Sofia square in Kiev is a Grand action – over 300 musicians from Italy and Ukraine have United in a unique concert under the open sky. At the head of the project “Paths of friendship” becomes the Maestro, the artistic Director of the famous Italian “La Scala” and one of the greatest conductors of our time Riccardo Muti, according to a story TSN.A week.

The idea originated over 20 years ago in Sarajevo, where Muti came together with the musicians before the town was bombed to talk about the world with music. Since then, the “Path of friendship” traveled halfway around the world, and now found himself under the walls of St. Sophia in Kiev. There under the open sky you will hear the immortal works of Giuseppe Verdi, as well as the symphonic poem “Lincoln Portrait” Aaron Copland, which will beautify John Malkovich in the role of reciter-reciter. Maintain this fantastic action lucky leading TSN Lydia Taran.

Videovideos conductor of our time and Hollywood star will give a unique concert in the center of Kiev

An hour later at St. Sophia square will start the Grand event. More than 300 artists from Italy and Ukraine will come together in a unique concert under the open sky. Riccardo Muti is one of the most world-famous conductors and artistic Director of the famous Italian “La Scala”. Mysterious Hollywood star John Malkovich and – project “Path of friendship”.

TSN. Week

1 Jul, 20:36

On stage to collect the best musical instruments worth millions of dollars, but more importantly the hands of masters who work with them – these people cannot be measured in money. In the evening held a dress rehearsal for the consolidated orchestra musicians of the Youth orchestra of a name of Luigi Cherubini and Symphony orchestra of the National Opera, also sang in a big choir. the feelings of those who heard it, was like staying in a stately Cathedral, only to them this evening was all Sofia area. Concerns about the weather were not met – during a rehearsal for the first sounds of the instruments, the clouds ran across the sky, and in the end much was cleared up.

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The texts dropped read John Malkovich. Previously, as a reader-reciter of the Scriptures was Margaret Thatcher, bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Neil Armstrong, Paul Newman and Henry Fonda. So, on this day, the saying “When guns speak the muses are silent” will lose its relevance, because despite the fighting in the Donbass, the muses are not silent, but speak the language of music about the greatest values – friendship, love, freedom. And it is much more than just words.

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