In Pivdenne in the battle killed two Ukrainian military

In Pivdenne in the battle killed two Ukrainian military

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28 Jun, 21:39

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According to intelligence reports, the loss of the rebels was 13 killed and wounded.

Thursday, June 28, in Pivdenne near Gorlovka, were killed two Ukrainian military.

This is stated in the summary of the press center of the operation of the joint forces.

Around 8.30, the Russian occupants opened fire with mortars, heavy grenade launchers and heavy machine guns at homes of Pivdenne. Under cover of fire close to the village approached a group of militants.

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The company commander of the Royal brigade Oleg Lototsky organized fight and in a moment duty firepower opened fire on the enemy. On the outskirts of Pivdenne “uninvited guests” was fighting backed group led by platoon commander Valery Shishak.

The battle lasted almost half an hour. During the battle of Shishak saw that the seriously wounded soldier of the backup group. The commander rushed along with the company commander to save his subordinate, but it is expected that a militant sniper. He fatally shot Valeria of Shishak, and later, without waiting for the commander, from the received wounds has died a soldier of the backup group Andrew Hair.

Valery Shishak was the oldest in the unit soon, he would have been 58 years old. Andrei Volos was only 21 years old.

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In connection with the situation in the area of Pivdenne, joint forces command has taken effective measures of fire effects on the occupants. As of 14.40 situation around Pivdenne was stable.

According to preliminary intelligence information, as a result of fighting killed five militants and eight were injured.

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Recall that in the last day, June 27, fighters 32 times fired the position of the combined forces, of which 4 are of heavy weapons, 3 Ukrainian servicemen were killed and 3 wounded. According to the survey, 10 militants killed, 7 injured.

Videoroliki intentionally burned most of the houses are civil in Pivdenne

The inhabitants of the liberated villages in the Donbas Pivdenne waiting for a new home. A month and a half ago in the “gray” town went to the Ukrainian army. All within the Minsk agreements. But the militants retaliated and burned most of the houses local. They fled to the Ukrainian Toreck.

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June 26, 19:56


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