The Constitution day of Ukraine was held under the proposal of amendments of the Basic Law

The Constitution day of Ukraine was held under the proposal of amendments of the Basic Law



29 Jun, 02:11

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Various officials and politicians have voiced expectations for possible editing.

Traditionally, the anniversary of the adoption of the Ukrainian Constitution policy talking about this document, and many of these voices contained notes of criticism. Some proposed the addition of a course in NATO, others talked about the need for providing more powers to the Executive authorities, according to a story TSN.19:30.

President Petro Poroshenko said that the current version of the Basic Law is not perfect, because it is not always allows the head of state to respond quickly and effectively to the challenges. He stresses that not chasing powers – on the contrary, some of them deliberately gave during the judicial reform. But more important than his own observations believes the consolidation of geopolitical directions of development. “The vast majority of Ukrainians support European and NATO aspirations of Ukraine. And it is necessary to enshrine in the Constitution”, – said the President. In addition to them, Poroshenko wants to register the position on the Crimea, the right to self-determination for the Crimean Tatars and the abolition of immunity for MPs.

Videogen Of The Constitution. What changes to the basic law proposed to make Ukrainian politics

Change in day of birth. Not done on the Day of the Constitution and no proposals to amend the basic law. About the paper today said both the President and the Prime Minister and MPs. Suggested to bring back the desire to join NATO and the EU to give more powers to the Executive branch. And to make this policy offer before the election.

TSN. 19:30

28 Jun, 20:19

The current leader of electoral sympathies , Yulia Tymoshenko criticized the failure of authorities to provide prescribed in the Constitution rights and freedoms. “We will become partners in creating a document that will provide an updated parliamentary Republic. Transparent and accountable”, she promised.

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But Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman wants to guarantee more powers for local government, because without it decentralization is impossible. Also the Prime Minister wants to adopt the model of government in Canada or Germany. “The basic Law of the country may require improvements. But it is very important that these improvements serve the interests of the Ukrainians”, – he said.

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19 Jun, 19:23

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The former Prime Minister , Arseniy Yatsenyuk proposes to use in the Constitution of the United Kingdom, where Ministers can simultaneously be MPs. The number of MPs, the politician proposes to reduce to 300, and to deprive them of the mandate for 30 days, absenteeism and the ear.

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Over 22 years of Ukrainian Constitution has gone through six changes. Whether the seventh, or what it will look like – will depend on people’s choices. They two thirds of the votes must support the change.

The correspondent TSN Alexander Romanyuk

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