Drunk driver-the worker of the Supreme court Lyashok can get off with a reprimand

Drunk driver-the worker of the Supreme court Lyashok can get off with a reprimand

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The behavior of the employee consider the disciplinary Commission.

Advisor, Supreme court of Oleh Lyashko could be punished for lewd behavior with a reprimand or dismissal. Before he was caught drunk behind the wheel of the jeep in the yard Cherry among high-rise buildings, says the story TSN.19:30.

At the time of arrest the man was not able to move normally or clearly say a few words. Drager showed of 2.58 ppm at driver’s rate of 0.2. Cops confirm that the offender was aggressive, threatened police and activists showed various certificates.

Videoeva stand, and ran the machine. In Kiev, arrested a drunken civil servant

Consultant of the Supreme Court, on behalf of Oleg Lyashko, was caught when the crooked, askew traveled between houses. Activists took a drunken representative of Themis in the video. The amount of alcohol in his blood far exceeded standard. TSN has learned to wait for the sanctions to a public servant.

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 19:52

The head of the administration of the court, where Lyashko, on the behavior of the slave learned from the video. “Of course, a shock,” – said Olga Bread. She claims that among more than a thousand subordinates personally to the person involved in the scandal doesn’t know and has already initiated disciplinary proceedings. “Depending on the results, we cannot say that it will be a dismissal, because it can be interpreted as pressure on the disciplinary Committee,” – said the employee of the court.

Because of Lyashko caught drunk not at work, it can be viewed as a violation of the oath of the civil servant or unethical behavior. The penalties for this can be different, including a reprimand. The disciplinary Commission may also consider the situation of absenteeism, which are the unconditional basis for dismissal, according to the law on public service. The work of Lyashko on Tuesday was not, if he rested, and on Monday – it will mean re truancy.

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Offered police to get drunk. In Kiev, arrested a drunk driver-officer of the Supreme Court (5 photos)

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The salary of officials of such level is about 20 thousand hryvnia per month. The Declaration Lyashok indicated an income of more than 15 million hryvnias a year, two cars and several plots of land. Lyashok lives on the outskirts of Kiev in a high-rise building, but the neighbors don’t recognize the photo. Career destiny brawler must decide in the Supreme court this week, and then the court would determine the penalty for driving while intoxicated.

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