In Kiev looking for a cat who blatantly ate lunch on the counter of the meat Department in the supermarket

In Kiev looking for a cat who blatantly ate lunch on the counter of the meat Department in the supermarket



2 Jul, 22:08

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The volunteers fear that the animal may retaliate.

In the Metropolitan supermarket cat made wine sausages on the counter, and buyers have time to shoot it on video and upload footage to the Internet. In the store after such a “cocktail” products on the shelves has updated, according to a story TSN.19:30.

The buyers had noticed that kitty had chosen sausages for about 110 hryvnia. Tatyana explains that the cat was in the yard, and ran into the store accidentally. “We didn’t even notice where he slipped. This is the first case like this. Apparently, very hungry was, yesterday, rain, no one fed on the street,” suggests the lady. The emergence of tetrapods in the store she is not happy: “They do their deeds, and I go there for them.” Not happy and other employees of the supermarket because the buyers after seeing the video to buy in the Department did not venture.

Videochat staged a tasting of sausages on the counter of a supermarket in Kyiv

For both cheeks just with Windows. In one of the capital’s supermarkets cat, do not hesitate people, staged a tasting of sausages on the counter. Buyers have time to shoot sweet tooth video and put the footage on the Internet. The cat managed to eat and was punished – TSN has learned and will tell you at 19.30.

TSN. 19:30

2 Jul, 20:59

Animals in supermarkets were not just sausage: between cereals flew sparrows, mice enjoyed the sushi sets, and a gray kitten relieve themselves directly into sugar. Sugar viditelna Sansa his act became famous, and it helped her find a home. TSN had found her in Kiev, and saw that the cat now has his house and toys. Victoria and her husband had seen her on TV and was scared that the kitten’s act can be punished, contacted the supermarket and volunteers and took the kitten yourself. Now Sansa had your large tray for the needs and special requirements to the toilet. “She’s neat. When she’s not satisfied with something in the clean tray, she goes to the ficus,” say the owners.

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Victoria is going through, not to punish and prankster of the sausage Department. Volunteers have rushed to search for him, but in the store I assure you that after a delicious meal, and his trail is cold.

The TSN reporter Eugene Zvecanska

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