Happy returned to the authors of “dictatorial” draft media law

Happy returned to the authors of “dictatorial” draft media law



Yesterday, 22:27

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Parliamentarians did not want to even consider it in the session hall.

The Verkhovna Rada sent for revision bill No. 6688, which the media has dubbed a dictatorship. The document included an option without a court order to block all websites in 48 hours, says the story TSN.19:30.

Also, the bill includes full filtering of the Internet traffic through special channels, for the government to know when and what sites come Ukrainians. Moreover, it would receive access to personal mail.

Video information security or total censorship. BP sent back for revision the controversial bill 6688

Verkhovna Rada sent back for revision bill 6688. In the media it has already been dubbed a dictatorship. Because the document, in particular, the possibility without a court order to block any sites up to 48 hours. A more complete filtering Internet traffic through special channels. For the government to know when and what sites come Ukrainians.

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:31

Earlier similar provisions were tried in Russia and China, but even there, from the idea of total control refused. Instead, the relevant parliamentary Committee a controversial editorial was supported, however, in the session hall for the initiative did not vote. “This is the final destruction of the rights and freedoms of citizens, when the decision of the investigator may be blocked by any resource. It’s very convenient. After all, you can safely reallocate any media market. It’s just a disaster,” said people’s Deputy Ruslan Semenukha.

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The authors of the document urge that censorship of it is not – just dealing with informational aggression of Russia. “If we want to continue to suffer from the modern methods used by Russia, we can continue not to implement the provisions of the law. This works in many countries around the world. And indeed out of court,” argued co-author of the bill Ivan Vinnik.

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