In the Kiev zoo there was a deer that bark

In the Kiev zoo there was a deer that bark



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A couple of animals from China pushed the little kangaroo.

In the city zoo there were new inhabitants – muntjak. A strange barking deer with fangs on the planet, there are over fifteen million years, and came to Kiev only that, says the story TSN.19:30.

Newcomers have settled in the aviary with walabi – young kangaroo. “Animals come into contact with each other, is an significant activity in a cage”, – told about politeness, alabi head of kopytka animals Victoria Sluzhenko. Now activity yet – the deer just get used to the new place and lie at the corners or consider all around.

Will videolet, but not a dog. The oldest deer settled in the Kiev zoo

Barks – but not the dog, with the fangs but not the boar. The zoo’s new inhabitants – muntjak. These animals appeared on the planet over fifteen million years ago, but in Kiev – what’s up.

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:57

Them for two years. Male Murzik has already grown the first horns that gently licks the female’s milk. She paired affectionate, but he’s harsh with age and will become even more alarming in adulthood, males appear fangs. But the main weapon mustakov – sharp and strong hooves. At home in the wilds of China is the escape from predators, it is not possible to escape.

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Muntiacus still called barking deer because in stressful situations the males raise rasputyvat their tails and make a sound that resembles a dog bark to warn their group of the danger. But it seems that the zoo conditions suit them, because their barking is not heard. Therefore, visitors do guess how can a barking deer. Murzik and Milka will be playing in the outdoor aviary until the frosts hit. The Rangers hope the animals will love each other and soon they will have small calves.

The TSN correspondent Olga Neskorozhana

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