“It’s like a political adventure”: as the members of Parliament converged in the clinch because of the new composition of the CEC

“It’s like a political adventure”: as the members of Parliament converged in the clinch because of the new composition of the CEC



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BPP demonstratively left the session hall, but the session continued without him.

The question of the new composition of the CEC embroil the coalition in the Verkhovna Rada. The bloc of Petro Poroshenko refused to vote for other laws, while the rest of the MPs do not agree on the re-election of 13 members of the election Commission, whose term of office expired long ago, says the story TSN.19:30.

13 vacancies, the President has submitted 14 candidates, so it is quite obvious that one of them superfluous. In the morning the candidates for chief accountants in the elections languished in anticipation of the appointment. Most of them representatives of the presidential party – six. Three more from the “popular front”, and one from other factions, except the “opposition bloc”, which has not got a place, contrary to the rules. “The CEC should include representatives of all political factions represented in Parliament. If you don’t want to implement PACE resolutions have the courage to tell about it directly” – outraged representative of the political forces Mykhaylo Papiev.

Videoraptor and blocked the Verkhovna Rada. The BPP refused to vote for new CEC

Discord in the coalition and blocked the Verkhovna Rada. The President’s faction announced a strike in the BPP refused to vote until other members agree to appoint new members of the Central election Commission. Without the largest fraction of the work stopped. Why CEC quarreled coalition and could this be the beginning of a political crisis?

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Yesterday, 20:11

Unexpectedly for ex-regionals stood up in the front, because they say that such composition of the Central election Commission opublikowa be challenged in the courts and it will still have to review. “It’s like a political gamble to join the withdrawal of the CEC, without a clear design of what will be the next part of a renewed CEC. Because 14 candidates for 13 posts, please tell me which of them is superfluous?”, – I asked Maxim Bourbaki. In PPB collisions did not seem to notice, and the question of how to solve a political equation, shying away. “We should not shift the blame on others! Us today nothing prevents to make this important step towards the restoration of the Central election Commission,” said Arthur Gerasimov.

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On the sidelines rumor has it that behind the screen of official statements hides the dispute within the coalition. The presidential faction is not opposed to shorten the list of candidates, but not at the expense of its nominees, and it is not like the others, because then given two acting members of the CEC and one of the candidates, committed to the President, the CEC decisive majority – 9 out of 15 members. “The President, or the President’s faction would have to agree with one of his candidates to withdraw because their more and their quota enumerated, but they do not want to do. And the “popular front” also does not want to do. And other opposition forces have one representative,” explained Olena Sotnyk of “Self help”. “Why the CEC to have an absolute majority? Do you want to do fraud? And if you don’t want, why then have the majority? Give representation to all parties and all vote,” suggests Viktor Bondar from the group “Revival”.

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To understand whether the MPs to take up the CEC, the speaker announces preferential voting, the result: 189 votes. The predictable failure of the vote was sent to the homes of candidates – the issue of the CEC was removed from the agenda. In the answer of BPP announces a strike and ceases to participate in the work of Parliament. “To effectively address this issue, we believe that BP has no moral right to consider any other bill,” explained Arthur Gerasimov. The deputies of the presidential faction left the hall. Break to find a solution was delayed until the evening, and the result is not brought. Couloirs rumors about the collapse of the coalition and early elections. However, the deputies met again and continued to work without BPP, proud that repulsed the attempts of pressure on himself.

The TSN reporter Maria Vasilyeva

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