Police arrested a suspect in the shooting of a police officer

Police arrested a suspect in the shooting of a police officer

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The crime occurred on the eve in the courtyard in the center of Kiev.

Militiamen detained the person who objectively is suspected of killing a police officer, which occurred the day before in one of the courtyards of Kiev. The procedural status of “suspect” he would receive after the Prosecutor’s office will agree to suspicion. This was reported by TSN.ia law enforcement sources.

The killer was recently released from prison. It is also known that the shots were made from a TT pistol caliber 7’62 mm. According to preliminary data, the victim wanted to sell his killer gold chain heavy weight. Immediately after the meeting, the malefactor got into the car in the back seat and they drove off into the neighboring yard under the pretext of check of authenticity of the precious metal in the product. After that the malefactor has started to shoot a COP through the seat back. There were two shots.

As you know, the murder happened the day before, police found shot dead in his own car. Killed was 41, he was a Lieutenant Colonel, he was Colonel, Deputy head of Department-the chief of Department of Department quickly-technical actions of national police of Ukraine.

Police have released the name of the deceased Dmitry Glushakov. He worked in Ukraine from 1995. Colleagues have expressed condolences to the family of the deceased: parents, wife and 6-year-old son of a policeman.

Published, the Police of Kiev Friday, July 6, 2018

Recall that one of the versions, which initially considers the police – murder from mercenary promptings. The dead also found no mobile phone.

Videosstreaming in the capital law enforcement worked in the national police

The man was a Lieutenant Colonel and Deputy head of Department quickly-technical actions. The dead man with two gunshot wounds was found yesterday in a car parked in the courtyard of the flats. The killer shot through the back of the backrest of the machine. Crime investigating as murder and assault.

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