Merkel told what new challenges have arisen, NATO’s annexation of Crimea and war in Donbass

Merkel told what new challenges have arisen, NATO’s annexation of Crimea and war in Donbass

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According to her, during the last years, the challenges facing NATO, has undergone “radical changes”.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said about the need to increase spending on military needs.

She stated this during a video podcast, published on 8 July.

Merkel, in particular, referred to the fact that over the last years, the challenges facing NATO, has undergone “radical changes”. Among other things this is due to the annexation of Crimea by Russia and the Kremlin’s support for separatists in the Donbas. According to Merkel, it was important for NATO “more focus on the protection of the Alliance.”

However, given the weight and the role of Germany the government of Germany to spend significantly more on defence than now, said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. The Secretary General urged the German government to substantially increase the defence budget.

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About this Stoltenberg said in an interview with German newspaper Bild am Sonntag, which was published on Sunday, July 8.

The NATO Secretary General, in particular, commended on the fact that Berlin decided to increase spending on defence, however, acknowledged that the German government should “do more” in this regard.

The head of the Alliance remembered that Germany, as well as other countries-NATO members pledged to spend on defense is not less than 2 percent of GDP. And the current level of the defense budget of Germany is still far from this figure. Against this background, Stoltenberg criticized the promise of German Chancellor Angela Merkel to increase the defense expenditures to 1.5 percent of GDP to 2024. “1.5 percent to two percent,” – said Stoltenberg.

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Statements of Stoltenberg and Merkel sounded a few days before the NATO summit next week will start in Brussels. According to the draft budget of Germany in 2019, defense expenditure in Germany will amount to 42,9 billion Euro.

Recall that during the NATO summit in Brussels on July 11-12 meeting of the Commission Ukraine-NATO at the highest level will not take place. According to klympush-Tsintsadze, in the near future will likely not be able to hold a meeting at the level of heads of state and government between Ukraine and NATO due to the blocking of such initiatives in Hungary.

Videoerotic UN in the Donbass and the German investment: how was the meeting Poroshenko with Merkel

Petro Poroshenko with Angela Merkel met in Berlin. After the meeting, the President of Ukraine announced that Kiev plans to impose on friends of the Kremlin restrictions like the us. And the Chancellor announced new negotiations in the Normandy format. In may, the situation in the Donbass will be to discuss the leaders of Ukraine, Germany and France, without Russia.

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