The head of “Ukrposhta” has written the application on dismissal, but not against to remain in office and called the conditions

The head of “Ukrposhta” has written the application on dismissal, but not against to remain in office and called the conditions



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A new contract with Smila has not been signed yet.

Director General “Ukrpochta” Igor Smelyansky on July 2nd wrote a letter of resignation. Date of dismissal – August 31.

He told this at a meeting with journalists, writes “Economic truth”.

That is July 2, ended the first contract Smelyansky on the position of acting General Director of “Ukrposhta”. And two days later, on 4 July, the Cabinet agreed on the proposal of the Ministry of Infrastructure Smelyanskiy to appoint the General Director of “Ukrposhta”, without the prefix “acting”. The contract extension is within the competence of the Ministry of infrastructure.

Smelyanskiy said could remain under such conditions: the ability to form his own team, to have political independence, the ability to carry out radical reforms and to implement a clear development strategy of the enterprise.

“I need new people to form a team. And without new people and own team impossible reforms,” explained his conditions Smelyanskiy.

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A new contract, he said, should be with adequate conditions and appropriate incentive system linked to performance indicators.

“I proposed a model – year for the quarter, I will be evaluated solely in terms of revenue, on an annual basis, I estimated on the basis of quality, implementation of the investment program and passage of the annual audit”, – he explained.

Under these conditions and sign a new contract Smelyanskiy ready to continue work on a post of the General Director of “Ukrposhta”.

We will remind, Smelyanskiy came to the “Ukrposhta” in July 2016. Before that, it is more than 17 years working in strategic, management and financial consulting, has experience in Ukraine and other countries of the world. Received an MBA from Georgetown University and a Juris Doctor degree at the George Washington University Law School.

Video”Ukrposhta” has launched in the Chernihiv region the pilot project of mobile post outlets

“Ukrposhta” massively reduces people office. And along with loss. In the Chernihiv region launched a pilot project of mobile post outlets. Same as usual, but in cars. Now they are 23. The management is pleased: it is more profitable than to keep people, to rent premises in the villages, where less than two thousand people. But the mailman and the customers concerned.

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