What will be the dollar over the next three years. The Economy Ministry Forecast

What will be the dollar over the next three years. The Economy Ministry Forecast

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The hryvnia will lose ground.

In the next three years, the hryvnia will depreciate, and the dollar’s value will rise. But at what rate will depend on economic development that will either help the national currency become stronger, or Vice versa – not to keep her from falling.

The Ministry of economic development and trade has prepared three scenarios of development of economy of Ukraine, writes “Economic truth”. The main pessimistic and assume that the hryvnia will gradually lose ground, and the dollar will go up. But optimistic – the first dollar added to the price, and then become cheaper as will strengthen the hryvnia.

Predictions of the dollar in Ukraine

The scenario of economic development





28,2 UAH

29,7 UAH

30,4 UAH


29,4 UAH

28,3 UAH

28,3 UAH


29,7 UAH

32 UAH

UAH 33,5

The main scenario envisages the implementation of reforms and preservation of favorable conditions on global markets. The economy’s response to reform will be moderate. Projected GDP growth: 2019 – 3%, in 2020 is 3.8%, 2021 and 4.1%. This scenario coincides with the forecasts of the IMF and on the basis of this forecast, the Ministry proposes to calculate the budget-2019.

The optimistic scenario assumes the implementation of complex reforms and land tax taxation of corporate profits (a tax on the capital). The external environment will be favorable. Projected GDP growth: 2019 – with 4.1%, 2020 – 5%, 2021 at 5.4%.

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The pessimistic scenario assumes that the negative trends in the external environment weaken the possibility of implementation of reforms, primarily in the financial sector. The economic slowdown and loss of confidence of foreign investors exacerbate the problem of calculating the Ukraine on its debt obligations. Projected GDP growth: 2019 – 1.1 percent in 2020 and 1.6%, 2021 and 2.1%.

Meanwhile, the national Bank revised its inflation forecast and updated figures for 2018 to 2020 is scheduled to release on 12 July. A new detailed macroeconomic forecast – July 19.

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