In the spring the head of the NABOO Sytnik personally went to the estate of Poroshenko late in the evening – “Schemes”

In the spring the head of the NABOO Sytnik personally went to the estate of Poroshenko late in the evening – “Schemes”

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Also that evening the President was the Deputy Granovsky.

The head of the NABOO Sytnyk in April of this year, personally went to the estate of Petro Poroshenko for the talks.

About it it became known to journalists of the program “Schemes”.

In the evening of 26 April, the car brand “Skoda” and “Mercedes” stood near the President’s house. The first machine uses the head of the National Bureau of Artem Sytnik, and the second close to Poroshenko, the Deputy of Alexander Granovsky. They left at the same time.

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He Sytnik confirmed that visits to Poroshenko, but the exact date can not remember. According to him, it was about implementing an anti-corruption court.

“You mentioned the participation of international experts in the competence of this court. I took a position such that there is no compromise – that is, it should be that from the very beginning offered the expert community and our international partners,” – said the head of the Bureau.

He also stressed that the meeting was not secret, because the number plate has not been changed.

“I’m not hiding anything… it would be Possible to change the car number, and there there would be no question of who came to this meeting,” – said Sytnik.

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He noted that with the Deputy Granovsky haven’t seen or communicated. He had a conversation with him only during a visit to NABOO. And on the question of whether it is acceptable that the head of the independent body goes to the President of night, Sytnik said, “it Was nice that the NABU is important for the participant in this process (creation of an anti-corruption court – ed.) because we have a… there was communication with the head of state about the creation of the anti-corruption court.”

We will remind, earlier it was reported that investigators of the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine receive threats from the head of the anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office of Nazar Golodnitsky.

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