“Naftogaz” is ready to lower the transit rate for Gazprom in 18 months

“Naftogaz” is ready to lower the transit rate for Gazprom in 18 months

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In “Naftogaz” told what they want from the trilateral negotiations on transit

“Naftogaz of Ukraine” will be released on trilateral talks with Russia with the participation of the European Union with a proposal to ensure the transit of natural gas through its territory after 2019 by European rules.

She said the commercial Director of the company Yuriy Vitrenko radio “New time”.

Ukraine will demand from the Russian “Gazprom” the rate increase for the transit of gas after 2020.

“We’re going with our main proposal is to apply the European rules concerning the transit of Russian gas through the territory of Ukraine … We say that according to the same rules, on which “Gazprom” is working in Europe – we insist that “Gazprom” and worked in Ukraine. It concerns everything: tariffs for gas transit, and booking of facilities, and data exchange. Here everything, as in Europe and us,” he added.

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According to Vitrenko, this approach will allow you to remove the debate that the proposals of the Ukrainian side are unfounded: “So we are not charged that the Ukrainians do not understand what you want.”

“We demand the revision of the transit rates upward through arbitration, we recently filed a claim nearly $12 billion and required very substantial increase in transit tariffs, but this is the period 2018-2019. In Berlin the main topic of the talks will be in transit after 2020. And after 2020, we said and say that the transit rate would be even lower than it is now under contract,” – said Vitrenko.

He added that the contract with low rate of transit signed former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and the then Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin.

As reported, the delegation of Ukraine in tripartite negotiations with Russia and EU on conditions of transportation of gas will be headed by foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin and Chairman of the Board “Naftogaz” Andrew KOBOLEV.

In consultations on 17 July at the EU delegation in Berlin also attended by the Minister of energy of Russia Alexander Novak and Gazprom representatives.

Videosu in the Netherlands froze the assets of Russian “Gazprom” under the claim of “Naftogaz”

This is the official website of the company. Thus, Naftogaz is trying to recover from the Russians the money they owe by the decision of the Stockholm arbitration Tribunal for violation of the terms of the contract. Two billion dollars with more than 4.5 managed to pick up automatically be considered as payment for the gas. But the rest have to kick in the courts for the arrest of Russian assets.

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