In Crime claim that the doctors are trying to kill Ukrainian political prisoner in the Russian prison cook

In Crime claim that the doctors are trying to kill Ukrainian political prisoner in the Russian prison cook

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The condition of the prisoner is constantly deteriorating.

Doctors in Rostov prison is actually trying to kill illegally concluded the Crimean human rights activist Emir-Usein cook, because the claim that glucose injection will mean the end of the hunger strike.

On Monday during a press conference at the Ukrainian crisis media center said the coordinator of the NGO “Crime” Tamil tasheva, reports UKRINFORM.

“The doctors are actually trying to kill him, because one says that glucose is necessary, and the other expresses very different things,” said the coordinator. It is noted that when cook was transferred to the interregional hospital for prisoners, where he examined and took his tests, ECG results showed a deterioration of the heart.

Emir-Usein also said that before the tests the heart sick, so the doctors advised him to take vitamins, glucose and other treatments. However, the doctor in jail told the prisoner that the implementation of these action means a termination of the hunger strike.

However, a spokesman for the international non-governmental organization “Amnesty International” Maria Gurieva explained that in fact the intake of glucose does not mean a termination of the hunger strike: “Oleg Sentsov, for example, takes it, and is still considered to be a powerful statement. So now we plan to write a letter to the Emir-Usein to tell him the truth.”

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Amnesty International demands the immediate release of human rights activist cook and to stop his persecution

Tasheva also read excerpts from a letter to cook, which he sent to his lawyer last week. In it the prisoner said that during the first eight days of hunger strike he has lost 0.9 kg of body weight per day. Then the rate decreased to 0.6 kg per day.

After the cook as once again deteriorated, he was again sent for examination to the doctors. Then the doctors suspected a prolapse of internal organs due to depletion of adipose tissue and stated the need for hospitalization.

However, re-examination at the beginning of July suddenly showed “miraculous healing” and the condition is better than a healthy person who is not starving.

According to the coordinator of TH “Crime” it is evident that cook under pressure, trying to influence his psychological state. “Thank God, while he is holding up well, but we have to monitor his condition and to spread information about it to help” – said Tasev.

Recall that the defendant in Yalta “on Hizb ut-Tahrir” Crimean Tatar human rights activist Emir-Usein cook went on hunger strike on 26 June, the day of his birth. It is a protest against fabricated cases against him and others unjustly arrested.

2016 Emir-Usein cook was detained on the territory of the occupied Crimea on suspicion of involvement in “Hizb ut-Tahrir”, which is considered in Russia as a terrorist and arrested. Then the prisoner sent for compulsory psychiatric examination at which he was returned to jail 9 January 2017.

Videodrive asked the US Ambassador in Ukraine to influence Russia for access to political prisoners

The Ombudsman Lyudmila Denisova asked the U.S. Ambassador Ms. Marie L. Yovanovitch to influence Moscow. In order for Russia was allowed to visit our prisoners, including film Director Oleg Sentsov. Yovanovitch said that the U.S. Ambassador in Moscow, too, was asked to visit the prisoner. But the answer have not received. Oleg Sentsov kept in the colony “White bear” in the Arctic circle. He is on hunger strike for 60 days with the only requirement to release all Ukrainian prisoners of the Kremlin.

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