In Jordan found bread, of which 14.4 thousand years

In Jordan found bread, of which 14.4 thousand years

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This is the first direct evidence that the production of bread predates agriculture.

In Jordan, archaeologists found the burned remains of the bread that was baked more 14.4 thousand years ago.

The find was unearthed in the desert, says the report of the National Academy of Sciences.

“So now we know that the bakery products were made long before the development of agriculture,” said archaeobotanist of the University of Copenhagen Amaya Arrans, Otage.

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According to him, production of bread could contribute to the agricultural revolution of the Neolithic period.

Scientific analysis has shown that microscopic frozen remains were made using a mixture of herbs which were collected, processed and prepared in the same way as modern cakes.

The production of these loaves can be one of the driving forces of the future agricultural revolution, the researchers said.

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