As the festival all summer and not to destroy the liver. Explain the kouba with Lukashenka and not only

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As the festival all summer and not to destroy the liver. Explain the kouba with Lukashenka and not only


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The liver is a unique organ. It is like a Phoenix is able to repair itself even with significant damage. But still worth thinking about how not to destroy it.

Until the end of summer we still have a month, and that means we still have plenty of time to have a blast in front of a cloudy and rainy autumn.

Now just start all the coolest events – festivals, street food, music festivals, and someone probably hasn’t even been on vacation.

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We know that no such event takes place without junk food, a variety of gastronomic experiments and alcohol. This is not too good for our liver.

But we know the best way how to quickly remove alcohol and toxins from the body – just keep in your pocket a tool for acceleration of alcohol elimination is your best friend where you were.

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In addition, the liver is a unique organ. She’s like a Phoenix is able to repair itself even with significant damage. But think about how it can not be destroyed, it is still worth it, especially in the summer when there are so many temptations.

Not so sad to read advice from physicians, nutritionists, tell kouba Lukashenko (and not only) how to protect the liver and what to do when you already have a problem.

Let’s start with the food. There is a need to frequently (4-6 times per day) but in small portions. It is very important not to overeat, so as not to overload the liver.

And of course, it is better not to eat at night, even if you really want. It is better to drink a glass of water or fat-free yogurt.

Know that it will be difficult to control yourself in the festivals in street food I want to eat everything, but try.

It is important that the menu was milk and various dairy products. They improve digestion and “unloading” the liver.

If you first arrived in the country from unconventional for you kitchen be careful. And remember, the liver is very fond of vegetables, boiled or baked meat, fish, fruit and vegetables.

Also it should be wary of sweets. Daily allowance of sweet – 100-150 calories. Rate exceed undesirable as it can lead to the deposition of fat in the liver cells.

And now about the alcohol. After the liver loves him more than anything else, even if the phrase “get drunk” sounds very convincing.

Contrary to public opinion, “relationship” alcohol liver clear: safe and especially useful doses of alcohol does not exist.

If you have felt discomfort in the area of the liver, better for a time to give up alcohol. And be sure to have a hepatoprotective agent.

Of course, you can try some hacking, but only at your own risk:

And remember: any use of alcohol will inevitably lead to damage of liver cells. So take care

Exercise. One of the important factors of maintaining health, not only the liver but the entire body, is exercise. Try rather moderate aerobic exercise: walking for 20-30 minutes, swimming in the river or sea, beach volleyball. This activity will prevent weight gain, lower glucose levels and cholesterol in the blood and will also support the whole body and creates a wonderful mood during all of the crazy summer.

It should also be remembered that the liver depends on the work of the entire digestive system. So if you already have problems with the functioning of the stomach or intestines, be prepared that a failure can give and liver.

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