Ukrainians support NATO membership, and those who will be against it, as something will suffer – Poroshenko

Ukrainians support NATO membership, and those who will be against it, as something will suffer – Poroshenko



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The President said that the Alliance in favor of strengthening cooperation with Ukraine.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that more than half of Ukrainians support joining NATO and European integration. In addition, the Alliance is in favour of accelerating Ukraine’s accession.

“NATO today is peace. If we were members of NATO … would today’s aggression of Russia against Ukraine? Definitely not. Would be illegal annexation of the Crimea? Definitely not. Today, every Ukrainian family is very well learned,” said the President of the TV channel ICTV.

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“And therefore we will not vote for or against NATO, for peace, for sovereignty, for security and the Europeanness of Ukraine. And for those who will be against, as some will suffer”, – said Poroshenko.

According to the President of Ukraine, at the July NATO summit, spoke at the strengthening of cooperation with Ukraine.

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“You may disclose confidential information that during the debate, the leaders of the 19 member States of NATO to discuss the situation with Ukraine. All 19 clearly stated that not only have to keep the door open to Ukraine, and it is necessary to accelerate Ukraine’s accession to NATO because Ukraine is a member of NATO Europe and the Transatlantic Alliance will be much safer,” – said Poroshenko.

Recall President of Ukraine Poroshenko said that by 2020 Ukraine is striving to achieve the standards of NATO and to secure full interoperability with the forces of the Alliance. He also noted that integration into the EU and NATO is the main priority of Ukrainian foreign policy, which is determined by the people, and therefore, this course should be enshrined in the Constitution.

The color and brightness of defense spending and prospects of Ukraine: results of the NATO summit in Brussels

About unprecedented this week began to speak in Europe. On the death of the NATO Alliance which for the last 70 years defending the world from a Third World war. And deter the ambitions of those who infringe on someone else. Said the President of the United States: the country, became actually main guarantor and sponsor of the organization. Just hours before the opening of the summit, Donald trump accused the Europeans in underfunding of the Alliance. And the Germans in General called hostage to Russia. And then even threatened to withdraw from NATO.

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