Captured video has shown the participation of “PMC Wagner” in the battle for debaltseve

Captured video has shown the participation of “PMC Wagner” in the battle for debaltseve


The war in the East

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The video consists of ten short clips taken in the winter of 2014-2015.

A new video that recently appeared online, demonstrating the participation of “private military company Wagner” in the battle for debaltseve.

This is with reference to the investigation of DFRLab, writes bellingcat.

It shows how the soldiers “a Private military company, Wagner’s” ride in the direction of Debaltsevo, to participate in the battle.

Video was taken with flash drive, captured by the Ukrainian military as a trophy. The original owner of record is unknown.

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The video consists of ten short clips taken in the winter of 2014-2015.

On the first night of record shows that the street is heavy equipment, and mercenaries “Wagner” convinced that it is “our”. A comparison of pedestrian crossing sign and wood, barely visible on Yandex.Panorama and the video recorder, were able to determine that the video was filmed in the West of Lugansk.

Further in the night video mercenaries “Wagner” passing the modified armored car “Shot”, which is used exclusively by Russian border guards. The machine has a Board room 211.

Popular Twitter user Loogunda notice, this machine has been repeatedly photographed in the Ukraine during the battle for debaltseve.

#Donbas, winter 2014-2015: footage filmed by PMC mercenaries Wagner via @panzerQQ

— Outdated Loogunda (@oldloogund) 18 Jun 2018

The same “Shot” with the number 211 is seen again in another passage.

Loogunda found that these stills were taken on the highway North of Krasnodon and Sukhodolsk from the West and the Russian-Ukrainian border.

Dec2014 PMC Wagner s video: At 02:28-03:18 in the video the column is moving from #Molodohvardiysk to #Sorokyne – its route is (video shows the overhead wires of the trolley bus route #1 betw/ Molodohvardiysk & Sorokyne

— Outdated Loogunda (@oldloogund) 18 Jun 2018

Geo managed to capture the passage through Krasnodon: clearly shows a stele with the name of the city.

Also in the video mercenaries “Wagner” come to the place where there is a large number of heavy vehicles, including heavy trucks “KAMAZ” and the truck “MT-LB” mounted with anti-aircraft guns.

In the last frame of the video mercenaries “Wagner” shown in battle, where their support of the car “Shot” from the column, numbered 221, 223 and 232, and the number of the last one.

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In the occupied Donetsk recently come hundred mercenaries PMC “Wagner”.

According to Twitter user @nvr_cry_wolf, combat footage shot in the field to the North of Debaltsevo. Euromaidan Press confirmed the location.

Earlier in the SBU said, how many Ukrainians are part of Russian gang of mercenaries “Wagner”. According to the head of Department Vasily Gritsak, all of them are former military. He also claimed that the PMC “Wagner” fighting in the Donbass from 2014and they are involved in the tragedy of IL-76. Overall, according to the SBU, currently assigned 1587 members of the group.

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