Ukrainian army controls three mines on the front lines OOS

Ukrainian army controls three mines on the front lines OOS

The war in the East

Today, 03:29

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The military held the position in the territory, which want to conquer the separatists and their patrons in the Kremlin.

Three mines during the war, became the Outpost of the Ukrainian military – they, South and famous Butovka. About the present and future mines that are fighting on the side of Ukraine, says the story TSN.19:30.

On Trudovskoy soldiers treated fresh apricots, after all, the old tree, stood under-worn shaft. Metal mines old and still beaten down by the war, so all the fray. 2 km shows the same position of the mine on the territory ORDO.

Videosu the war in the East from three mines become outposts of the Ukrainian military

On the side of Ukraine war of mine Trudovskaya, South and famous for the Cradle. Mine Butovka – most destroyed by militants position, which remains a threat even when the attacks there. From the mines will remain and what awaits them after the end of the dark times – TSN journalists tried to predict.

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:08

20-year-old citizen of Lviv Bandera looking at mine through the hole and recognized says, Donbass was different. “I’ve imagined them more whole, but well, mine is as mine,” he says. On the adjacent barrel military proudly tell you what their position is deep, and the joke about the subway in Donetsk. A sign from the mine the soldiers passed in a Museum of the 28th Bigali.

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The South mine for the year before the war promised a new life of the equipment. It’s hard to believe when you see broken glass and programini the roof. The mine was operated until 2014, four years later employees are only taking out the part miraculously surviving instruments. Military 24th brigade having fun, coming up with the names of occupied piles. “Although every day can change,” they say.

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But the Cradle holds the glory of the most violent mine best, even collapsed it looks great. There is danger everywhere, even when the enemy shoots. Dimitri 92nd brigade before the war eight years worked as a miner, so perhaps not only understands how and mine should all work. But now every piece of iron has lost its purpose. The military understand that the mine is not restored, but the dream that war will end and there will be a Museum in memory of those who died.

The TSN correspondent Natalia Nagornaya

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