In the “Naftogaz” has calculated how many tens of millions of dollars of fines passed over to Gazprom

In the “Naftogaz” has calculated how many tens of millions of dollars of fines passed over to Gazprom

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The Russian company does not want to give of 2.56 billion dollars.

In addition to the main debt of 2.56 billion dollars, the Russian “Gazprom” also have “Naftogaz of Ukraine“$75 million interest for late payment.

About this in Facebook said the chief commercial Director of the group “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Yuriy Vitrenko.

“As we said Gazprom during the trilateral summit, the global agreement already adopted arbitration decisions is not possible. It is even contrary to the essence of the settlement agreements, it was necessary for them to agree to a final decision by arbitration. And now it’s too late to ask “settlement agreement” for this debate. “Gazprom” should pay us, awards of 2.56 billion dollars. Plus $ 75 million per cent, and even to offset the cost of enforcement. And until we get these funds, we will continue to enforce, arresting the assets of “Gazprom” in the world”, – said Vitrenko.

He said that “no decision of the arbitration was not canceled and did not stop. The Swedish court of appeals has temporarily suspended only enforce and only in Sweden. We hope that this restriction will be removed in the near future. Gazprom understands this. So they understand the risks to themselves from the decision of the arbitration. That is why they asked for a trilateral meeting, so we stopped to arrest their assets. What they were told a firm “no”.

Vitrenko reminded of the new arbitration proceedings against Gazprom.

“They need to change or terminate the current contracts, we require to compensate us for the losses due to the failure of Gazprom of its obligations under the contract, including taking into account the decision of the arbitration. So, Gazprom should deliver gas to us, but does not deliver. Gazprom needs to maintain a certain pressure in the transmission system at the exit to Ukraine, but does not support. Gazprom needs to agree to the revision of the transit rate, but does not agree. The amount of compensation we demand from “Gazprom” under the new arbitration process already exceeds $ 12 billion. Our demands are reasonable, we are confident in our legal position. If “Gazprom” wants “an amicable agreement” regarding these new arbitration proceedings, he may in an extrajudicial procedure to pay us this compensation,” – said Vitrenko.

He stressed that “our position is that this may not hold tripartite negotiations on transit after 2019. Well, if someone wants to artificially prolong the talks or postpone it, it should be postponed and the construction of “Nord stream-2″, as a political and anti-competitive project.”

Earlier “Naftogaz” told what the benefits to themselves as “emboss”, “Gazprom” during negotiations.

Videosu in the Netherlands froze the assets of Russian “Gazprom” under the claim of “Naftogaz”

This is the official website of the company. Thus, Naftogaz is trying to recover from the Russians the money they owe by the decision of the Stockholm arbitration Tribunal for violation of the terms of the contract. Two billion dollars with more than 4.5 managed to pick up automatically be considered as payment for the gas. But the rest have to kick in the courts for the arrest of Russian assets.

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