Ukrainians have become richer, but fear of the jumps of the dollar – a study

Ukrainians have become richer, but fear of the jumps of the dollar – a study


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Expectations regarding the development of the economy and the dynamics of price growth become more optimistic.

The index of consumer moods of Ukrainians in June 2018 rose by 2.7 points, to 65.6 (on a scale of zero to 200) compared to that recorded in may.

While compared to the same period last year this figure grew by 6.2 points. This is evidenced by the materials of the monthly survey of GfK Ukraine, writes “Today”.

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According to the study, the index of current personal financial status showed the greatest positive dynamics, having increased as compared to may 2018 at 8.8 points to 59.6.

“This result may be associated with a gradual increase in real incomes, as well as the fact that in summer there is a decrease in the prices of basic food commodities”, – analysts of GfK Ukraine.

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The index of expected changes in personal financial position increased by 6.2 points to 67.3 per, but in General, the current situation index month-on-month rose by 5.1 points to 65.5, the notes GfK Ukraine.

Ukrainians in June this year, was optimistic about the country’s economic development in the next five years, the relevant index rose 3.3 points compared to the may figure is to 56.4.

Also, Ukrainians are optimistic about the further dynamics of growth of prices index of inflation expectations fell by 3.4 points to 187, the research shows.

The indicator of appropriateness of major purchases slowed growth compared to 1.5 points and settled at value of 71.3 in may it grew by 3.7 points.

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Although the overall expectations index rising for the fourth month in a row, having increased in June by 1.1 point – to 65.7, some of its components showed significant sagging, analysts of the company.

Thus, the index of expected unemployment dynamics rose 8.1 points to 133.5 points after a positive trend in may, when the index dropped by 5.3 points. The negative trend researchers have noticed regarding the index and the expected growth of the economy in the coming year – it’s in June fell by 6.1 point to 56.4.

“Such sentiments may be the result of uncertainty about the provision of the next tranche of the IMF”, comment the authors of the study.

Deteriorated at the same time and the expectations of Ukrainians concerning the dollar in the next three months – the index of devaluation expectations rose by 1.4 points to 150,9.

Recall that Ukraine has entered the top 10 countries with the best conditions for big business. The best countries with the simplest jurisdictions for corporations were Ireland, Denmark, Curacao, Honduras and Nicaragua. Also in the top 10, except for Ukraine, entered Luxembourg, Morocco, Hungary and Paraguay.

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