The controversial mayor of Irpin announced his resignation

The controversial mayor of Irpin announced his resignation



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Karplyuk was going to run for Parliament.

The mayor of Irpin, Kyiv oblast Vladimir Karplyuk said the decision to resign mayor on 2 August this year.

About this he wrote in his Facebook.

“My main task, I now see support for our region on a national level. My next goal is to participate in the parliamentary campaign for his candidacy to the Verkhovna Rada on the district, which includes Irpen and Priuchenie,” wrote the official.

Further Karplyuk’s going to evolve as a politician and work for the County. In the opinion of the mayor, he left a strong team and a big change in the village.

Recall Karplyuk has repeatedly figured in corruption scandals. In July 2016 in the framework of the case about theft of 890 hectares of forest units of the GPU, SBU and the interior Ministry raided the residence of the mayor of Irpin and Bucha and the 31 address. “The suspects officials during the 2006-2012 years, illegally took the property of the land to his entourage and people from Kiev. In particular, ex – Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Igor Kaletnik inherited 14 ha of forest land”, – said the Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko.

Later it became known that Karplyuk left the territory of Ukraine. In October 2016 Social movement HONESTLY said that Vladimir Karplyuk, which in Poland has three apartments, building a house 10 km from Warsaw. According to the Declaration of 2016, Karplyuk owned 20 land plots with a total area of about 2 hectares in Bucha and Irpin. The mayor’s wife had nine plots of land, including 1.6 hectares in Bucha, 2.3 hectares in Nyzhcha Dubechnya (Kiev region).

In 2017, the Prosecutor’s office of Kyiv region reported to the official about suspicion in a number of crimes. In particular, he is suspected in the creation of, leadership of a criminal organization to commit grave and especially grave crimes, misappropriation of another’s property in especially large size, falsification and forgery. Also Karpluk suspect in the acquisition of firms with the purpose of covering illegal activities.

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