“Village killer” was a convict serving a sentence for robbery

“Village killer” was a convict serving a sentence for robbery


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The suspect was arrested, police are asking for help in the formation charges.

In the village kotsyubinskoe, a few kilometers from the capital, residents complain of attacks of an unknown man, which is right on the street, grabs them by the hands, drags into bushes and threatened to rape her. Women say that in the last two weeks was already up to ten such cases, according to a story TSN.19:30.

Dangerous was the path through the woods that leads from public transport to residential areas. A man about 25 years old had emerged from the bushes, blocked the woman or the girl and dragged her into the bushes. Fortunately, in all these cases, women would run away, but the police are not all addressed, so the man began to act more boldly. He attacked is already at a stop and on the road near the houses. “I was approached by a man in camouflage. Ran up, grabbed my hand, began to threaten, pushed aside the forest,” said one of the victims.

Video surveillance Kyiv wielding maniac who threatens women with rape

In the village kotsyubinskoe, which is only a few kilometers from the capital, a local resident complained of attacks by an unidentified man on the street grabs their hands and pulls into the bushes and threatened to rape her. Women say, over the last two weeks was already up to ten such cases. Local on the eve wrote a collective statement to the police.

TSN. 19:30

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This girl never shows his face and name. It is unknown attacked on the street in two hours of the day. Tighten the girl in the forest didn’t give the passerby who scared the attacker ran after him, but to catch up and could not. A few days later the attack was repeated – a man grabbed the girl in a place where there was a bunch of people, again threatened them and ran away again. “It seems to me that this man is mentally ill, because when I saw it a second time, he obviously got pleasure from what he did,” says the victim.

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The story of striker in Kotsyubinskoye became public in early July. It turned out that many women are not ready to complain about the unknown to the police because they are afraid that law enforcement officers seek his will, and that after the publicity can retaliate. Then the other villagers decided to protect odnoselchanok. “We have rallied, called the police to write a complaint of some sort. Never need to be silent, as if you weren’t afraid, how would not doubt their abilities. If in doubt about their abilities, there are people who will help,” – says a resident kotsyubinskogo Eva Malvich.

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Near Kiev the police caught the serial killer, who in the night attacked two women

On Monday police arrested the assailant. It became known that a man of 25 years, two of which he temporarily lives in Irpen correctional center. “He did in 2013 was convicted of robbery. Now in 2016 have been moved to this correctional facility. Had a limited release from this institution for carrying out the concerned works”, – explained the press-Secretary of the regional police Nikolai Zhukovich. Militiamen ask all who attacked, to come and tell their stories.

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