Partners and friends of the driver of the Hummer that killed a child, please do not cover accident – Mosiychuk

Partners and friends of the driver of the Hummer that killed a child, please do not cover accident – Mosiychuk

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The MP has published the data about the driver.

Partners and friends of the driver of the Hummerthat killed a ten-year child, please do not cover the situation around the accident.

This was announced by Deputy Igor Mosiychuk.

“Call and write, write and call, because one with a killer gym in one go, other any other business joint have, and others just well known, and all are asked not to interfere, not to write and to enable law enforcement and the courts to determine who is at fault in this accident,” he writes.

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10-year-old girl knocked down Hummer, was a citizen of Russia

Mosiychuk was published in advance of the name and surname of the driver. This is the Director, owner and investor of the firm Fit & Sweet Kirill Ostrovskiy born in 1995.

Wounds rozpoczecia s desadv telefonnih zvonku s prajanam nichogo not pisati none about the fatal accident pid hour yakogo…

Posted Gorom Mosiychuk Sereda, 25 on July 2018 R.

“So much so that on this occasion, even called a few colleagues of people’s deputies. They, however, noted that the killer must answer according to the law, but also requested not to write anything about this case,” he added.

He also noted that some calls disclosure Mosiychuk information about the driver “PR on the blood”. According to him, the less publicity you get this thing, the easier it will be to “cover up” the criminal.

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The driver of the Hummer that hit and killed a ten-year girl in Kiev, declared suspicion

We will remind, on July 24 at about 22:30 on the Boulevard Lesia Ukrainka 23-year-old driver of the Hummer was hit on the regulated passage of a 10-year-old girl. A car moving on a red signal of a traffic light. The girl died in the carriage, and the driver was arrested and taken to narcological clinic – examination should identify whether the driver’s blood alcohol or drugs. The SUV does not belong to the driver.

To the detainee it is declared suspicion on the article “violation of traffic rules, entailed death of the victim”. Also addressed the issue of additional qualifications – “abandonment in danger” because not reliably established whether the driver was leaving the scene of an accident.

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