Poroshenko vetoed the law on the “single window” at customs and explained his decision

Poroshenko vetoed the law on the “single window” at customs and explained his decision

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Asking about changes in the law to the President addressed to agricultural producers.

Petro Poroshenko returned to the Parliament a law which introduces a mechanism of “single window” at customs, adopted on 5 July.

This is stated on the website of the President.

According to Poroshenko, MPs during the adoption of the law added to it the discriminatory provisions in respect of compensation of cost of purchased agricultural machinery.

Thus, the law provides that it is intended to compensate the acquisition cost of special wagons for transportation of grain. According to Poroshenko, these cars can afford only to large agricultural producers, while, as the majority of agricultural products in Ukraine are produced by farmers.

Poroshenko returned the law to the Verkhovna Rada together with the proposed amendments. The President also addressed the Ukrainian agricultural producers with a request to make such changes in the law.

Videoproviders and security officials developed a plan to fight tyranny at customs

Smuggling and shadow schemes, according to Vladimir Groisman, annually robbing the state tens of billions of hryvnia. PGO, MIA, NEB, ARS, DFS and the security service have jointly developed an action plan to introduce this week. Premier hopes for the effectiveness of such cooperation, because, says last year’s experience of anti-smuggling at customs added to the budget of 70 billion hryvnia

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18 Jun, 20:08

Recall President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko vetoed the bill, which envisages the introduction of criminal liability for smuggling of the forest. Subsequently, the press service of the President reported that Poroshenko supported the strengthening criminal liability for smuggling timber, but he opposes lobbying schemes in the bill that violate the terms of a free trade zone with the European Union.

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