In the Luhansk region fighters with superior forces attacked positions of the OOS: a 2-hour battle is lost

In the Luhansk region fighters with superior forces attacked positions of the OOS: a 2-hour battle is lost

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Ukrainian military repulsed the attack, but it was given a price of two lives.

In the middle of the day on the Lugansk direction of the Operation the combined forces of the enemy attacked the Ukrainian military. DRG occupants consisting of 15 militants tried to seize the position of one of the units in the village of Crimea.

As the press-center of environmental protection, the Ukrainian soldiers at the observation post took the fight with almost four times superior forces of the enemy. “Steady hold their positions, they have provided an approach backed group our divisions, led by company commander. Having received a decisive rebuff to the enemy under heavy fire of our defenders resorted to retreat under cover of his artillery. Their exit was cut off by mortar fire division of the United forces. Thanks to accurate and harmonious actions of the enemy units suffered significant losses – up to 4 killed and 6 wounded”, – reported the Ukrainian military.

Videodokument again violating a truce in the Donbass

Truce. This time the bread. At the front again, the tenth or twentieth truce. If heavy caliber is silent, small in the evenings and at night working in our direction.

TSN. 19:30

2 Jul, 20:46

At the same time, the defense was not without losses for Ukrainian troops. “The treacherous intentions of the enemy were thwarted by the resolute and courageous actions of our soldiers who gave their lives to hold their positions. Unfortunately, during the nearly two-hour battle, we have lost two sons of Ukraine and two more were wounded”, – informed the military.

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Also in the evening reports from the front said about the four cases of ceasefire violations by militants over the light part of the day on Saturday, July 28. In addition to the aforementioned battle near the Crimean occupants opened fire near Avdiivka, Pavlopol and Lebedinsky. “The combined forces adhere to the Minsk agreements and the ceasefire, but today once again reminded the Russian occupation troops, that in case of threat of life of our military personnel ready to give a tough and inevitable resistance. The situation in the area of operation remains under control of the Combined forces”, – assured the military.

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Under Volnovaha downed drone – OOS (3 photos)

May 26, 07:53

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