“He loved singing Kobzon”. Shufrich recalled Yanukovych karaoke and drunken feasts Kuchma

“He loved singing Kobzon”. Shufrich recalled Yanukovych karaoke and drunken feasts Kuchma



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The politician claims that communicates with the Russians, therefore, does not recognize the aggression against Ukraine Krmela.

The people’s Deputy Nestor Shufrich calls Russia an aggressor state. His position, he explains that with the Kremlin in negotiations. He said this during an interview with TSN.19:30.

Shufrich – dollar billionaire, the master of sports in archery, rent a private plane and yacht. He was repeatedly seen in the company of the odious Viktor Medvedchuk.

Answering the question of whether the accused Medvedchuk Putin to cross the border of the Russian army, Shufrych says: “this he never told me. With the person you want to resolve the issue for the country, why blame him, if this accusation is without consequences.”

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According to the policy for dialogue with the Russians, he must “take the position over Ukraine”.

The opposition leader also said that once rested with Viktor Medvedchuk in the country Gorbachev. “Medvedchuk was then head of the Administration. He offered me a week to relax together,” he said, adding that he had received a “crazy experience” from the night in the bedroom of Raisa Gorbacheva.

At the same New year several times in a row Shufrich meets the company is Medvedchuk.

In turn, Nestor Shufrich said that always treat Yulia Tymoshenko with more respect “as a fighter”. “This is a man who knows how to fight not afraid to fight. She’s the most complex political opponent”, – he said.

Shufrich told about the complex relationship with Victor Yanukovych. Once he was even present when the fugitive President sang karaoke, which did better than the governed. “He loved to sing Kobzon, Mark Bernes. That he gets sometimes better, than to run the country” – reminded the MP. “It was Easter, we were in the monastery and something Yanukovych has instructed me to watch as I drink in the left part of the table, and I really wanted to Khoroshkovsky was drunk, because it is very didn’t love him, and to spoil it if to drink. Valera removed on time. But it wasn’t easy… But twice I got drunk to svinyachego squeak. You know, I have a unique situation with Kuchma: I was the only one in the presence Kuchma was allowed to drink. How it happened: there was a flood in Transcarpathia in 1998. I was accompanied by Kuchma. Then there was a dinner at the Governor’s residence, and sat opposite Derkach, head of the SBU, and somewhere in the middle of dinner he says: “Sergey, and what are your deputies for the President drink?”. There’s this young never for President did not drink, – said Shufrich – I get up and say: “Leonid Kuchma, then such charges. I’m not going for you to raise a toast as President of Ukraine. I want to raise this toast for you, as zakarpatets. And for the first time in my life, I drink the Cup to the dregs”. Kuchma looked, and then returned to Derkach says: “Remember, better write it down. You write as SBU head, I allow him not to drink. I don’t want people saying that he started drinking after the meeting with me.”

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However, as the politician told, something like that happened, he still got drunk. “Wake up. Take the phone and see 16 calls from Kuchma unanswered. I think tree of the winder, I have the same Kuchma’s phone. I understand that this phone is not mine.”

In response to the question regarding the possible return the fugitive to Ukraine by people’s Deputy Oleksandr Onishchenko, Shufrich answers in the affirmative. “I am absolutely convinced. I to it do not fly, happy birthday, wedding and a birth of the son”, – said Nestor Shufrich.

Videodrome with Medvedchuk and holiday with presidents Nestor Shufrych gave a Frank interview to TSN

He rents the aircraft is friends with Medvedchuk and calls Russia the aggressor. But he likes to recall how he got drunk “to pig squeal” in the company of top officials of the country. Why Nestor Shufrich never visited Yulia Tymoshenko in prison – later in the story TSN.

TSN. 19:30

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