Lutsenko explained the “intensification” of the fugitive Yanukovych

Lutsenko explained the “intensification” of the fugitive Yanukovych

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The former President is accused on three counts.

Monday, July 30, at 10.00 in Obolonsky district court in Kyiv will begin on the pleadings on the case of treason of the President-the fugitive Victor Yanukovych .

On the transition to the stage of court debate July 17, the judge said Vladislav Devyatko.

“Therefore, “activation” of the fugitive and his lawyers clear,” – said the press Secretary of Yuri Lutsenko Larisa Sargan.

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Viktor Yanukovych is charged with three articles of the Criminal code of Ukraine: article 111 (high treason), article 27, part 2 of article 437 (aiding in waging aggressive war); article 27, part 3 of article 110 (aiding and abetting in the violation of the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine that resulted in the death of people or other grave consequences).

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