In the EU its goods exports more than 10 thousand Ukrainian companies.

In the EU its goods exports more than 10 thousand Ukrainian companies.

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Ukraine exported in EU goods in a total amount of 8.2 billion dollars.

The European Union export their products 10 822 Ukrainian company.

This was announced by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groisman.

“The EU market for Ukrainian exports. We are steadily increasing bilateral trade. More than 10 thousand Ukrainian companies operating on the European market”, – he wrote in Facebook on Sunday, July 29.

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According to the head of the government, for five months of the current year Ukraine exported to the EU goods for a total amount of 8.2 billion dollars.

The market share of EU in total exports of Ukraine was 41.7%.

Earlier it was reported that in 2017 the export of Ukrainian goods to the EU increased by 30%, and for four months of the current year and by another 27% compared to the same period last year.

According to the Ministry of economy and trade, during 2017 list of commodities, which Ukraine exports, expanded 275 new positions. First place and 41% of exports products of agriculture and food industry, the second production of the metallurgical complex. Next – machinery, mineral products. Increase the supply of automotive components and spare parts for cars.

Videotranny exports by billions of dollars from Ukraine to Europe

Ukraine comes on the shelves of foreign stores of goods of own production. On his page in Facebook Prime Minister Groysman reports – our country is increasing its exports at an unprecedented rate, earnings – mad 52 billion dollars. We have analyzed the customs base and ready to tell you who, or what, but the former Georgian leaders, our country sends abroad.


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