The fight for “Kiev wilderness”: the conflict in the Osokorki began to investigate the police

The fight for “Kiev wilderness”: the conflict in the Osokorki began to investigate the police



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Law enforcement officials are studying the actions of the protesters for violations of laws.

In one of the residential districts of the capital agreed by the police and hundreds of young men. Activists came to fight against illegal, in their opinion, buildings near the picturesque lakes on Osokorki, says the story TSN.19:30.

As soon as people started breaking the fence, the police approached the guys in t-shirts of the “National teams” and “Nazarus” and used lethal weapons – tear gas and batons. In response, law enforcement officers threw stones, someone launched a smoke grenade. The skirmish did not prevent the is disassembled, subsequently, unknown persons broke Windows in a construction trailer, which soon caught fire. After that, the police and the activists once again showed off their power, with the result that several men were detained, and some needed medical care.

Videomovie bombs and tear gas. At the site on Osokorki clashed

In one of the residential districts of the capital agreed by the police and hundreds of young people. The last, say the activists came to protect people who tried to tear down the long fence. It was built by the developer. Local consider it illegal. And in General protesting against the construction of a residential complex of several picturesque lakes.

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:31

Subsequently, the police explained that they came to call that unknown break the fence, and arrested those who misbehaved and created provocations. After that, law enforcement officers left, the men in uniform of combatants, and local residents to freely continued to disassemble the construction fence. They oppose the development of the territory, which is called “Kyiv desert.” “I live here. If here build, inhabit, lakes will not be here, it will die,” – said one of Kiev. At the same time, two men asked to make way for the fire Department because smoke far of the drilling machine. Who set it on fire is unknown, but the people there rescue do not want to let.

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It turned out that the technique I wanted to save representatives of the developer. They assure that all the construction permits they have. “All their words regarding the fact that the construction was illegal, that we have no documents, are groundless”, – assured the head of the legal Department of the Bank “arcade” Maxim Gutsal. But activists insist that the violations egregious. “They violated the master plan. There should be a green area. There should be a relaxation area. There can be no residential development. Part of the lakes they are going to fall asleep, because they need them,” – said the representative of public organization “the Committee for countering the illegal building” Andrey Bobrovskiy.

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November 15, 2017, 01:06

While Smoking machine, were sprayed with tear gas and broke the fence on the lake vacationing people. Houses have water, they do not want to see. “It is better that there was a Park,” they say. The fence hundreds of meters, the activists for a few hours demolished completely. After the desolate Sands of the lake started the investigation team and continued to swim.

The TSN reporter Elena Mazucca

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