The occupier has a big problem with a complete set of fighters fresh personnel – military

The occupier has a big problem with a complete set of fighters fresh personnel – military

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The war in the East

Today, 05:31

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According to intelligence reports, on-site ORDO significantly reduced the number of people willing to fight against Mat.

Ukrainian scouts found that at the Donetsk direction the enemy is concentrating equipment in occupied Gorlovka, but with the manpower of the militants at present. The military in the frontline of Novgorod continue to serve and protect the land behind their backs, says the story TSN.19:30.

In the morning the soldiers lined up on the raising of the Ukrainian flag – that tradition they have kept, despite the tension of war. “This is extremely valuable when a soldier sees, for what it’s worth, for whom. There is a possibility – we use,” explained the unit commander with the Callsign “Postup”.

Video surveillance of the occupied territories is not enough people willing to participate in the fighting

And became aware of two dead and two wounded soldiers near the Crimea. Military killed in action, when reflected the subversive group of the enemy. Do not stop attacks on Donetsk the direction. Technique the militants there concentrated in occupied Gorlovka, as the town is of strategic importance for the invaders. However, with the people the enemy is now tight.

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 19:55

In occupied Gorlovka waving other flags – this large industrial city to the aggressor is of strategic importance. “Here they concentrate a very large amount of equipment. They understand that if we take Gorlovka, we will take the entire Donetsk”, – said the commander of the unit named “Banker”. However, intelligence is information that is now wanting to protect pseudorepublic is clearly not enough. “When they’re on any kind of pseudo-patriotism, fought, played. Now do not see those pseudo-patriots, they are disappointed in the current government, which is. They have extraordinary problems with equipment and personnel”, – told the officer of the armed forces.

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Military assume that it is for this reason of provocation on this site is now a little unusual. But the defenders of Ukraine do not lose vigilance, day or night. Pavel, Nikolai and Yura is not more than 23, they know that protecting the sleep of their parents. “My mom said, it’s your choice how you did, and not come back”, – said Nikolai. “I explained to them that I’m more useful here,” explained Yuri. They are a young crew of a fighting vehicle of infantry, who had just arrived from Turecka. While at the front, silence, technique expelled to the day of liberation. “Children were running through it, a bunch of kids,” said Paul.

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Andrew this evening learned about the birth of his son. “I want to thank you for the son. Son to grow up healthy, happy, I have to failed,” says the soldier with the call sign “Ball.” He also says that in future the country should definitely not be war.

The TSN reporter Eugene Zvecanska

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