Poroshenko will be the last day to decide to go for elections – Sumar

Poroshenko will be the last day to decide to go for elections – Sumar

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However, she said that the head of state has ambitions to win the presidential race.

Petro Poroshenko only in the winter will be able to assess the situation, whether he is able to win a second presidential election in a row.

In an interview with “Ukrainian truth” said the MP from the “popular front” Victoria syumar.

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On whether the incumbent President in the elections, she responded that “we won’t have an answer.”

“Because the task Poroshenko to keep the country managed. In the case that it will be clear that Poroshenko in the elections is not going to happen so chaotic movement of reorientation to different candidates that it could threaten the political stability of the state. So I think he will be determined directly at the start of the official campaign until the last day,” – said syumar.

In her opinion, it is only in the winter will be able to assess the situation, able to win the next presidential election.

“I don’t see the problem, if Poroshenko decides not to run in this campaign. Its historical role of stabilizing the state during the war, he obviously fulfilled. But, undoubtedly, Poroshenko is a strong politician, and, of course, he has ambitions to win a second time and get term President,” – said the MP.

According to syumar, Poroshenko can easily get to the second round if the scatter fields of their competitors.

“It depends on how to behave powerful partners Poroshenko, that is, Groisman, Klitschko and Yatsenyuk. If one of them will go to the polls, then go to the second round, Poroshenko would be nearly impossible,” she said.

In her opinion, now the most likely competitor is Poroshenko Anatoliy Hrytsenko.

“Generally Gritsenko today the largest competitor for all, because in the second round, he will win, and Tymoshenko, Boyko, and Poroshenko. While the conventional Vakarchuk and Zelensky came out. But I understand that they also. So I think that today he is the most dangerous figure for all the others, it is because of the projection of the second round,” – said syumar.

According to recent polls, as of July 2018, the leader of presidential rating remains Yulia Tymoshenko, for her ready to vote for 17.1% of those who take part in the vote and have already decided on the choice.

Videoporoshenko has the highest confidence rating of Ukrainians

According to the poll of the sociological group “Rating” conducted in June, in the first place in the race for the presidency remains Yulia Tymoshenko. If I had to vote this Sunday, it would choose about 16% of voters. Her nearest rival, former defense Minister Anatoly Gritsenko. Also in the top three – the energy Minister in Yanukovych’s government, and now the leader of the “opposition bloc” Yuriy Boyko. Current President Petro Poroshenko a bit behind the comedian Zelensky and shares fifth place with Oleg Lyashko and Svyatoslav Vakarchuk.

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