In Kiev, a monument to Ilya Muromets face virastuk

In Kiev, a monument to Ilya Muromets face virastuk


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The sculpture in parts, transported to the Park where she will stand.

The capital was taken , the monument to Ilya Muromets weighing two tons. For easy transport the hero and his horse separated, says the story TSN.19:30.

Produced the monument in Cherry. The author of the bronze strongman Vladimir Zhuravel advises a well-regarded hero, until he landed on the height. “The face of heroes – posed Vasyl Yaroslavovych Virastyuk. Here you can see is a reconstruction of the helmet from Black graves,” – said the sculptor.

Video settings in Kiev, a monument to Ilya Muromets

In Kiev, the horse carried on the platform without shelter. In the capital today brought the monument to Ilya Muromets. The greatest part of it – a 5-metre stud. The monument weighs up to two tons. To make it easier to carry, the hero and his horse separated.

TSN. 19:30

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To transport the monument wanted early in the morning so as not to create obstacles for heavy traffic in the capital. But before the rush hour to hoist the structures on the platform did not, therefore, decided to postpone the trip for the day. Top entry secured with ropes, the horse put the prop that was not damaged hooves. On the road the giants are no hid sculpture was visible in all its glory. Support of oversized cargo, undertook to provide the police.

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The route passed, opportunities, uncrowded streets, but there are enough wanting to photograph an unusual procession. People couldn’t figure out who transporterowych, so was interested in, not just another victim of de-communization. From news about Ilya Muromets was happy, and the monument called beautiful. Although there were heroes and problems of an ideological nature: when the project of the monument appeared in social networks, he was criticized for his beard “Moscow boyars”, and generally called the hero of the Russian bylinas.

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But further conversations did not go protests. The Friendship Park was renamed in his chair, and after two hours the road, and the hero got to the right place. Dismantled the monument will be assembled within three days, Ilya with a horse podshlifuyut, tint and mounted on a pedestal with a Patriotic inscription. “This is Kiev, the Ukrainian athlete,” concludes sculptor Vladimir Zhuravel.

The TSN reporter Oksana Mulyar

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