What is known of “notes of Yanukovych” in the case of Manafort. The journalists analyzed the documents on Ukraine

What is known of “notes of Yanukovych” in the case of Manafort. The journalists analyzed the documents on Ukraine



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American lobbyist accused of fraud and that he failed to register as a foreign agent while working for the Yanukovych government.

In the United States released documents concerning the former head of the election headquarters of Donald trump – Paul Manafort. Today, July 31, Manafort trial for Bank and tax fraud. Moreover, among the published papers also include documents that relate to another criminal case.

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Manafort requires the court to adduce three unique photos with Yanukovych

As you know, Manafort also accused that he did not register as a foreign agent in a time when he worked for the government of Ukraine.

Among the hundreds of pages to journalists of “Radio Liberty” defined the so-called “notes Viktor Yanukovych”, who Manafort worked for several years, and highlighted the main information:

  • Manafort invited to Ukraine after the “orange revolution” in which the President was Viktor Yushchenko.
  • Billionaire Rinat Akhmetov, Yanukovych introduced Manafort. 9 June 2005, Manafort Akhmetov wrote a 35-page note in which he criticized Yanukovych, has analysed his loss in the elections and suggested what to do next: “Based on the analysis outlined in the previous Department report, the problem is clear – Viktor Yanukovych need to be replaced”.
  • In January 2006, Manafort provided a plan according to which Yanukovych and Party of regions could win the parliamentary elections. The main component of the plan is the promotion of good relations with Russia at a time when lasted “gas war”.

Russian President Putin and the Prime Minister and the candidate in presidents of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. October 2008

  • In subsequent years, Manafort not only deepened their work with the Party of regions, but also to build relations with the Russian oligarchs, for example, Oleg Deripaska. According to investigations by the American media, Manafort allegedly received at least $ 50 million from Deripaska for the promotion of the interests of the Russian President.

In this photo taken at the direction of Manafort, at that time the future President Yanukovych stands with Herman, Alexander Yanukovych, Viktor Yanukovych Jr., Nikolai Zlochevsky. Location – most likely, the estate “Mezhyhiria.”

  • According to court documents, the citizen of Russia and Ukraine Kostyantin kilimnik, which Manafort introduced Deripaska, was the chief representative of the American lobbyist in Ukraine. This year Kilimnik, who had long been suspected of having links with Russian intelligence, was accused of trying to influence potential witnesses in the investigation Muller.
  • To work in Ukraine Manafort attracted his Deputy Rick gates, Ted Divina (in 2016 he was the Manager of the presidential campaign of Democrat Bernie Sanders) and Adam Strasberg (in 2004, he worked in the presidential campaign of Democrat John Kerry).

Getty Images
By Paul Manafort

  • In the presidential elections of 2010, Viktor Yanukovych defeated Yulia Tymoshenko. “Having at least 35 years of experience in campaigns, this will be the first place in the list of most satisfactory,” wrote Manafort his team after the announcement of the official results.

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Manafort requires the court to adduce three unique photos with Yanukovych (3 photos)

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  • Victory speech Yanukovych called “a New beginning for Ukraine.” It was written by devine.
  • Thanks to the efforts of Manafort a majority in Parliament in the 2012 elections, received the Party of regions.
  • Manafort attracted a number of influential European politicians to promote Ukrainian governments in Washington and Brussels “Habsburg group.” In a note to Yanukovych on 21 February 2013 Manafort wrote that “members “of the Habsburg project” proved to be very effective in working with the EU”. “The key to success in that the participants – prominent European leaders who are considered to be objective in their attitude to Ukraine, wrote Manafort. – It allowed them to speak without apparent interest, giving their comments more weight and influence.”

Rinat Akhmetov and Viktor Yanukovych. December 2008

  • “Habsburg group” held a series of events from March to may in Washington with the goal of changing public rhetoric on Ukraine and influence key members of the us government through private meetings at the highest level. So, Manafort writes about meeting with members of the presidential administration and the then Secretary of state John Kerry.
  • The charges stated that by Paul Manafort, despite working for the Party of regions, are not registered as a foreign agent in the United States. In addition, the prosecution believes that Manafort and kilimnik tried to influence or prevent the speech of witnesses who know about the work of the “Habsburg group.”
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