The son of the politician and far-right activists in Italy spoke about the recruitment of mercenaries “LDNR”

The son of the politician and far-right activists in Italy spoke about the recruitment of mercenaries “LDNR”

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The war in the East

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The three recruiters used the arrest in absentia.

In Italy identified the recruiters of mercenaries for terrorist “LNR” and “DNR” as supporters of right-wing organizations, and in particular “League” – one of the ruling parties in the country.

About it writes La Stampa.

Law enforcers managed to arrest three recruiters, two of which nationality Albania and Moldova. Three people who probably are now in the Donbas, was arrested in absentia.

So, one of the recruiters Andrea Palmeri is one of the former activists of the far-right organization “Bulldogs”. Palmeri and now, probably, is in Russia or in the occupied Eastern Ukraine.

La Stampa
Left Andrea Palmer.

The second ex-soldier, 34-year-old Antonio Cataldo. Fought in Libya, where he was kidnapped, and then 2008 was released. He studied in Russia and took courses on the Panama.

La Stampa
Left Antonio Cataldo.

In the list of prosecutors also Carugati Gabriele, a former security guard of the shopping center, son of the leader of the “League” in the municipality of cairate: on Facebook he confirmed that he lives in Donetsk, and shows a photo in camouflage.

La Stampa
Gabriele Carpet

Among the suspects recruiters arrested Vladimir Verbychi and a woman of Russian origin with the Moldavian passports. Another detainee is a citizen of Albania. Total investigation of the Genoa Prosecutor’s office for 15 people.

We will remind, before SBU reported that “the Private military company of Wagner”, which is involved in the fighting in the Donbass and Syria, recruiting some of their mercenaries in the colonies where you are for serious crimes. The militants pick up people with criminal records and military training.

Videops of the Russian Federation tried to recruit a Deputy commander of the Ukrainian Navy, the Ukrainian counterintelligence

Counterintelligence SBU has uncovered a scheme in which the Russian secret services recruited Ukrainian officers. Did it with the help of a small chip that allows you to send information to the curators from FSB. The device was intended for a Russian agent, recruited among the officers of the SBU. He had to convince his army friends to supply secret information to the FSB. And the ultimate goal of the operation was to be the chief of staff of the Navy of the novel Smooth.

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